Are you ready?!   It is with great giggling pleasure that I tell you:  tomorrow is the big day!  The kick off the Stringing Pearls Winter/Spring 2013 Bible Study! We will begin Lysa  TerKeurst’s Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl.  I hope you all have your books and Bibles and are ready for a ride that only GOD can take us on together!  From now through the first week of May, we will be learning about how to take the lessons we love and learn from Bible study and apply them to our DAILY life – doing life together with one another, and most importantly, with HIM

Every Tuesday afternoon, I’ll post what we did at our physical Bible study that morning, along with some of my own thoughts on the week’s reading and homework, so that those of you following along with us remotely have a chance to ask questions, post comments, and really become part of our merry band of Bible babes!  Everyone who posts a comment or question will be entered into a drawing for the give-away of the week (a picture of the giveaway will accompany the post – get excited because they are really good!). 

That’s all for now!  Just wanted to make sure you are ready to GO!!!!!

Up tomorrow:  What does being a good Bible study girl mean, anyway?!





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