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There’s nothing like a few days of sunshine, warm temperatures, and relaxation to rejuvinate this Midwestern sister friend during the chilly month of February! After just getting back from a surprise trip to Forida, coupled with the fact that we do NOT have Bible study this week (see previous post!), I thought I’d serve up a little spiritual peace and sunshine from my book, The K.I.S.S. (Keepin It Simple, Sisters): Jumping into the Bible with Both Feet! Grab a glass of something cool, sit back, and relax!

Excerpt from The K.I.S.S. (pages 71-72) copyright, Wendie Connors, 2012:

“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your {life is} ever before me.” Isaiah 49:16, TNIV).

OMGosh – that’s amazing, isn’t it?! Look down at the palm of your hand! Lots of lines, huh? (I thought I’d use a nicer analogy than facial wrinkles here!) Can you even fathom that God has YOU etched on His hands? That is how intimately He is involved in the details of your life. He’s not just interested in the big picture, girls! He is ever-present in the big stuff and in the details, sisters!

My parents live in a beautiful city in Florida. We have been so blessed to be able to visit them often since Ella was about 2 years old. Oh girls, there is nothing like hangin’ with my “p’s” in the tropics! But I will never forget one of the first times we stayed there and the lesson I got about details mingled with the big picture!

You can sit at a table in my mom’s kitchen (sorry, Daddy, I know it’s yours, too!) and look straight out onto their lanai (that’s “fancy people” talk for “patio”!) through this huge picture window. Sisters – it takes your breath away! You see the beauty of their pool, the palm trees swaying in the background, and some of the coolest birds and other wildlife you could ever imagine! So picture this: I’m sitting there drinking my favorite jasmine tea looking out this great window and all of a sudden my focus slightly changes and all I can see are these itty bitty greasy fingerprints all over the window! My immediate thought was, “oh my gosh – Ella’s fingerprints totally spoil the view!” and I hopped up to grab a rag and some window cleaner to wipe them off! My sweet and wise momma stopped me in my tracks and said, “Don’t do that! I like to see those fingerprints; it reminds me of who has been here and all the fun we’ve had.”

Sitting there smiling, my mom and I enjoyed two different pictures: I found peace in the bigger picture that morning; of the sun and the water, the trees and the birds. My mom, on the other hand, saw the beauty of the small details. Those fingerprints brought joy to her heart and made a memory she didn’t need (or want) wiped away.

God can easily be found in the “big picture”. I pray that you, like my mom, can find Him in the details because sisters, that’s where He finds joy in you.

Have a great week off, everyone! May God bless all of us in miraculous and tangible ways as we walk with Him each day!

Up next week: The Sabbath “Manifesto”!




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  1. Read your entry while taking a break from studying today.

    Just the opposite of your message of noticing God in the details I was getting too bogged down in the details. Looking away and refocusing on the “big picture” helped me understand what I was studying.

    Knowing God has each of “etched” on His palm allows us to have confident assurance, detail or big-picture, is the right focus for our hearts.

    BTW – you were supposed to bring the FL sun back with you!

  2. Dear Wendie,   For some reason, I’m not able to leave comments on your posts.  I read every one.  They are very uplifting.   Sharon

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