Time to Share!


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
― C.S. Lewis

I simply cannot help sharing what I love with the people I love. Does that make sense? I mean, the minute I finish the last page of an awesome book, you can bet I’m tucking it in a bag with pretty tissue, and the best parts underlined, so I can send it off in the morning to my best friend! When I find the most delicious looking recipe for a new appetizer, I’m texting the grocery list to my sweet parents saying, “Hey – pick this stuff up next month when we’re in Florida and I’ll make us something yummy!”. When I read a particularly STOP IN MY TRACKS piece of scripture, you can be sure a sister friend somewhere is getting a 2:00 am email from me saying -“O.M.Gosh. LISTEN TO THIS ONE!!!!”

Is this resonating with you? I hope so! And if it is, I gotta ask you something pointed. Do you share God with those you love? I mean, really share Him? As in, “invite Him to the party, ask Him to sit down, and introduce Him to your guests” kind of sharing?! I’m not always the best at doing that, but when I DO – oh, when I DO – nothing could be greater!

HE is the reason for what I do, why I do it, and He is who I do it for. Why is it that I find it hard to include Him in EVERYTHING I do? Like, offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the time and food placed before me when I “lunch” with my friends? Or, asking a friend who is hurting if it would be okay to place my hands on her and pray for the healing that is needed in her situation – physical or otherwise? And why don’t I always act on that small, still voice that prompts me to pick up the phone to call someone when I have no idea why I’m supposed to call or even what I’m supposed to say?

But that IS what He wants. He wants nothing more than to be at our table. To break bread with us and the people we love. To hear what our hearts needs to share. To cheer at our triumphs, laugh at our jokes, cry over our failures, and grieve our losses – RIGHT ALONG SIDE US. He wants to walk down the sidewalk with us. Smile with us as we take in the smell of coffee from the cafe. Wonder with us at the busy sites of the city and the slower pace of a less urban life.

He’s already there, of course. But like any good friend, He’s just waiting for us to acknowledge His presence and make Him a valued part of the experience. Oh my friends, how blessed our lives will be when we don’t have to remember to ask Him to join us, but simply live in gratitude that He is the reason we experience such joy in life on this side of Heaven.

Invite Him in. Pray over our meals in gratitude of His provisions. Thank Him for the beauty of the day. Acknowledge the blessings of time spent with friends in His presence. Tell our friends and loved ones about the miracles He places in our lives each and every single day. Remind each other how we see HIM in each other! What are we afraid of?! There is no downside.

And once we start sharing, I bet – just as C.S. Lewis stated, someone will look us straight in the eye and say in awe, “YOU TOO?! I thought I was the only one!” Be BOLD and bring Him in. I dare you…You know I’m gonna say it…I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA!!!!!

Up Next Week: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…!

If you are following along at home with our Becoming More than Just a Good Bible Study Girl study, here is your task list for next week!

1. Complete Days 1-3 of Session Three in the Participant Guide and read Chapters 7 and 8 in the main book!
2. Memorize/rewrite out scripture for this week: Ecclesiastes 4:12!
3. Listen to “Hold us Together” by Matt Maher!
4. Comment/email me on any topic we are discussing here on the blog for a chance to win a super cool, artsy fartsy cross bookmark! Last week’s winner of the silver notebook is….KATHY VANEK!!



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  1. I think I’ve always thought that if you are a good “example” that is enough of a witness for others. For example, by being a nice person and trying to do good in the world, you are sharing your faith by your actions. I’m wondering if God might be pushing me to do a bit more? Get out of my comfort zone and talk about my faith more freely? Thanks for the challenge and reminder, Wendie!

    • Hmmm, thought provoking, sweet Kim! Leading by example is for SURE an effective way to share your faith. But I’m kind of wondering, too, if I shouldn’t get out of my boat a little bit more – or even ask HIM to get in with me!!! 🙂

    • Kim, I feel the same way! A “challenge” to get me out of my comfort zone. To share Him more with family and friends that I might not always.

  2. God’s voice to me is more like a thump upside the head and a – “HELLO? Aren’t you listening? I want you to (blank)!”.

    Then I listen and sometimes do some crazy, bold almost creepy God prompted actions. It has taken me years to get the courage to act on them for fear of being judged but now I can say ME TOO-ME TOO!!

    Thanks Wendie for being such an open example to me.

  3. Had to share that Kate (age 3) decided that the blank notecard you gave us to write to a friend was SO PRETTY that she wrote (ok scribbled!) on it herself when I wasn’t looking. I was initially not please that she wrote on my pretty new notecard, and asked her why she did that. Kate said it was a note to her little neighbor friend to tell her how much she loved her! Mini-sister friends! 🙂 I will just have to use a notecard of my own to write a friend.

  4. This really made me open my eyes! I thought of you and Bible Study yesterday while my family and I grabbed a quick lunch at a local burger joint. Of course we dug right into our food and enjoyed. The table in front of me instead all joined hands, bowed, and prayed. It made me smile from ear to ear. I instantly remembered study and made it a point to remember to share God with people in my life. Thanks as always for being you and an inspiration!

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