Watcha Thinkin’, Lincoln?


“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9, NASB.

“A few years ago, Ella got a Wii video game system and a special add-on called “Wii Fit”. It’s this cool video gaming thingy where you stand on this “step” and do various exercises and the computer system follows your moves and shows them as an animated “you” on the screen. Hard to explain if you’ve never seen it, but trust me, it’s so cool!

One of the exercises you can do is a simulated ski jump, which is supposed to train your body in balance and coordination. You start in this crouched position and when the “gate” opens on the screen, you have to try and get your speed up so you can make a big jump. They are visual cues on the screen that help you figure out how to get to your ultimate speed. In the upper corner, there is a red dot and a blue dot. In order to make a great jump, you need to use your balance and align your blue dot up to the control red dot. If you can do that, you reach maximum speed, catch big air, and soar over the ski jump! When you “land”, it spells out “VICTORY!” on the screen – and sisters, if feels great! On the screen, you’re standing at the bottom of the jump, pumping your fist in the air! But, if you don’t align your blue dot with the red one, you tumble in somersaults down the ski jump hill in a crumpled mess and score no points; total bummer! “Wah, wah waaaaaah!” booms over the audio.

Here’s what I’m trying to say, girlie cues: you are the blue dot; God is the red dot. The Bible and prayer are how we learn to align our blue dot to God’s red dot to live the life we are supposed to be living and thinking.” Wendie Connors, The K.I.S.S.: Jumping into the Bible with Both Feet, copyright 2012.

We seriously cannot fathom how amazing God is and the plans He has for us (we remember this from Jeremiah 29:11 and many other places in scripture)! But in those moments of struggle, darkness, uncertainty, or just plain anxiety and confusion, we have His assurance that HIS WAYS and HIS THOUGHTS are so much grander and more wonderful than ours could ever be. And it’s this assurance that reminds us to turn to Him, rely on Him, and allow our faith to be the anchor of hope to our very souls that, indeed, He will create a Romans 8:28 out of whatever situation we find ourselves in:

“We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him. They are the ones God has chosen for his purpose.” Romans 8:28, CEV

Align your thoughts to His: Seek Him. Find Him. Pray. Hear. Believe.

When our blue dot strays away from His red dot, our thoughts “jump” from belief and faith, to a crumpled mess of control and distrust. I want to behave like someone who not only believes IN Him, but honestly BELIEVES Him. Do you see the difference?

What about you? Are you willing to take the Victory Jump?! I hope so!

Up Later this Week: Let’s Take a Walk!



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  1. This is an excellent thought! How I find Jer. 29:11 so comforting when I start to question God’s direction for me and my husband. Thank you for this post.

  2. Yes!!! Now I have an excuse to play video games!!! After I finish my homework of course 😉

    I know His path, journey for me is above and beyond anything I could ever imagine or think up on my own.

    Lysa points out (as I read it)……
    The truth is He is always close. We need to CHOOSE to allow ourselves to be close to Him, letting Him ”do” life together with us. To ”do” life with Him we are required to desire to be close to Him and believe we are close to Him. In other words we must see Him around us, acknowledge and feel His presence.—– LINE UP OUR DOTS…Mind and heart… Body and soul.

  3. Ohhh…how thankful I am to be on this journey, and to be strengthening my relationship with God. Thank you, Wendie! I have so felt His presence and love these past few days. Yesterday-was one of those days when everything went right: rock star parking spot when it’s pouring rain. getting to 2 work meetings (one in Chicago) early, despite driving in the rain. Setting a goal of running 4 miles, and having the electricity go out at the gym just as I finished my 4th mile. And then today…a flooded basement (with husband out of town) and lost iPhone in the chaos for hours. Yes, of course I was praying, but admittedly kind of half-assed. I realized I hadn’t done my daily devotional, took a few minutes to stop dealing with the flood and mess and read, was quiet and prayed. I kid you not, my phone reappeared within 2 minutes, and 15 minutes later, I finally felt like I was out of the woods with basement clean up. Praise The Lord! Amazing! Now if He could just please go easy on us in the rain dept tonight and let my poor ‘lil sump pump do its job!!!

    • Julie! LOVE this! Isn’t it amazing what a moment or two of centering prayer time with Him can do?! Praying for a dry basement and ANOTHER rock star day for you! Have a wonderful trip, my dear sister friend!

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