Share It Up! Joy Dare Thursday!


Well, my dears, it is a rainy morning here in Chicago and that makes it the PERFECT time to share up some of the amazing, funny, cool, and meaningful things we’ve each been recording so far through Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare Collection! (Click that cute tab up there that says Pure Joy Summer Series 2013 and you will find a tab that says The Joy Dare!  Click that for more information!)

Have you been enjoying it? I sure have! And remember, there are no rules as to how to record them (even just making a mental note of it is awesome) or if you do it at all! It’s just another way for us to experience God’s joy this summer (in no particular order)!

Here are our top 10 Joy Dare gifts that have been submitted so far this summer:

10. “An 8am run without rain!” submitted by Liz (who incidentally just completed a marathon – yes a big ole 26.2 mile marathon – last weekend! YOU GO, SISTER FRIEND!)

9. “Sunkist 10.” Submitted by Elle. A twelve-year-old’s favorite drink!

sunkist 10

8. “A gift of hope – prayer with my favorite gals.” submitted by Lyn (who just happens to be my fabulous Tuesday Bible study small group leader whom I cannot live without!)

7. “Prince of peace, hope in the darkness, light for the world.” submitted by Tammy. Beautifully said and photographed by Tammy (all rights reserved, please!)!

Tammy Miller copyright 2013

6. “One gift blue – a sweaty work-out shirt, means I’m DONE!” submitted by Didi (who is honestly one of the FUNNEST, FUNNIEST people I know – and I’m thankful she didn’t post a picture of said shirt…!)

5. “A gift I’ve given? You.” submitted by my mom, Sandy. Cause, you know, she gave me life and all. Thanks, Mom!

4. “A chocolate martini?!” Submitted by Amy. I gotta say – love the way this girl thinks, don’t you?!

3. “Peace, hope, and love – all in one beautiful package.” Submitted by me. I just needed you all to see this beautiful girl of mine! I seriously dare you to call me a liar!

Joy Dare June 5

2. “A gift from a conversation? ‘I appreciate you.'” submitted by Kait (who is an incredibly wise young woman with a big heart for God!)

1. A picture is worth a thousand words! This is my Joy Dare for today: something ugly-beautiful! I personally think she is beautiful, but you catch my drift!!!

I'm so pretty

Are you smiling yet?  Are you starting to realize that joy, Pure Joy – the Lord’s joy that is our strength – is intimately tied to GIVING THANKS AND GRATITUDE?!  It is!  And that is what this Joy Dare is all about this summer.  Thanking HIM for all the gifts that are already present in our daily lives.

Thanks for all your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest postings AND emails with your Joy Dare gifts!  Keep them coming and we will do another one of these share it up days soon!

Up Monday:  I got the music in me!

Have a great weekend, sweet friends!

Peace, love, and JOY!



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  1. 3 gifts ugly is a tough one! I too thought of a boxer dog, then I thought but no they are really beautiful. And I have to admit I feel guilty calling any of God’s creations “ugly”. I also thought maybe I have my 3 fav kids make ugly faces for a photo, but how on earth could I ever call them ugly? They are what is most beautiful in my life. Ok don’t worry goofy Pollyanna here is going to bring it down a notch, I found plenty of ugly this morning during a fight about who was going to unload the dishwasher! Number two came when the two kids who finally started the task felt the need to punch each other and then not to be left our number 3 couldn’t find her shoe which led to a bit more “ugly”. I choose to seek the grace in the moment however, I have been nudged to create some summer ground rules for acceptable behavior around here. Those three “beauties” were so thrilled!

    • Laughing so hard, Lyn! Gotta tell ya, you are not the first person to tell me she had to institute some “summer ground rules” today! Must be the weather…ahem. Love you, sister friend!

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