I Got the Music in Me!!!


Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

music in you

No, I promise haven’t gone all “Debbie Downer” on you. It’s still me, Wendie, and this IS STILL Pure Joy Summer Series 2013! My friends, that quote above from Oliver Wendell Holmes is meant to be a motivator for you today – not a depressor!

I LOVE that quote. It’s super special. It’s an excellent reminder that: YOU HAVE MUSIC IN YOU. I HAVE MUSIC IN ME. And I am totally committed to letting out every last high note before I leave this world so I can get filled up to perfect pitch in heaven with my God and savior!

We’re living this earthly life with a unique song in our spirits that is meant to be sung, heard, shared, and enjoyed. Not to be bottled up, waiting for the “right time”, the “right circumstance”, or only when you’re with someone who won’t giggle when you veer off key!

When I was in those dreaded junior high years, I was BEYOND blessed to have an amazing music teacher named Miss Bartel. She started this cool mini glee club (BEFORE “Glee Club” was cool, mind you…) for some of us burgeoning rockers and called us “Up with People Juniors”. We rocked. Sorry. I’m putting all humility aside right now. Let me just say it again. We rocked. Or at the very least, we THOUGHT we rocked!

We didn’t hold anything back or refuse any gig. Miss Bartel gave us opportunity after opportunity to sing the songs she had taught us. We sang at local concerts, nursing homes, country clubs, competitions. Didn’t matter to us if we got fanfare, accolades, ‘atta-boys, or even got paid. Miss Bartel taught us that the act of singing, expressing your very spirit, was the reward – not the attention it could garner us. She was right.

Lift my voice to heaven

I recall that season as one of the most fulfilling times of my adolescence. I sang. From my heart. From my spirit. From my soul.

I know what you are wondering. And the answer is no. I never really sang “professionally” again after 8th grade. Sure, I can carry a tune, out-sing my family at church or in the car, and I’m secretly pretty darn sure Bruno Mars could’ve used my alto smoothness on his new single, Treasure (hee hee!), but becoming a professional singer was not my call at this time of my life. But it was for that season, and I felt my spirit fly higher and higher to heaven with each song I sang.

Do you want to know a secret? I still get that high to this day. Not from singing, anymore. Now, I get it when I lead a Bible study, speak at a retreat, write a blog post, or even simply reading the Bible alone or with a beloved friend or family member. As long as the Holy Spirit has placed the message in my heart, it becomes my music and I “sing” it with the passion of that 12 year old Gleek, whose heart rose to the edge of heaven so many years ago on the wings of song.

Let me be clear. It has to be from Him. Not my will, but His. When it’s His will, it’s music to my soul. On the slip side, when it’s my will, it’s just noise. And that, my dear friends, is the ticket. HIS will from His beautiful self, coming into, and settling onto,  your gorgeous heart is what creates the music.

You’ll see all this and burst with joy, you’ll feel ten feet tall, as it becomes apparent that GOD is on your side! Isaiah 66:14 MSG.

What music has He placed in your heart this season of life? Are you drawn to helping others? “SING” it. Are you a devoted wife? SING it. A dotting mother? SING it. A light in the workplace? SING it. Book waiting to be written? SING IT. Whatever IT is, let it up and out and sing it back to Him while you are still here. Do you really want to leave it unsung? I don’t think so.

Take time this week to meditate on the song God has placed in you. I mean really meditate. As in, shut out distractions, make a time and place to talk and listen, and really hear what He has to say. You can do it. You can. You owe it not only to yourself, but to the One who wrote the score and played it into being when He created you.

I am praying for you this very moment. If you already know the tune of your soul, I fervently pray you find the courage to sing it. Sing it LOUD and PROUD, as Miss Bartel would say! If you are trying to up the volume so you can just learn to hear it, I earnestly pray for the confidence you need to dig in and recognize the sweet melody that only you can play and sing. It will bring joy to your life like you have never known, and you, too, will feel ten feet tall.

So what’s on the agenda for this, week THREE of Pure Joy?! Here’s the scoop:
1. Rewrite our scripture of the week (Isaiah 66:14) in any format you want! As always, read it several times a day. Meditate on it. What does it mean to you?! Internalize it. Apply it. Spread it! SING IT!!!! YOU ARE TEN FEET TALL!

2. I’m throwing you a musical curveball today! Of course, you can listen to whatever songs you like from our Toe Tappin Tunes list, but I just decided that this week’s song needs to be MY ALL TIME FAVORITE song – SING A SONG by Third Day. Talk about my soul anthem! Whew! Sister friends, I blast this baby when I am at my highest of highest and cry to it when I am at my lowest of lows. It’s a doozy! Turn up the volume and get blown away! I’m blasting it right now, with a HUGE smile on my face!!! I cannot imagine how I neglected to put that one on our list!

3. Keep reading! What’re you reading?! Leave a comment here, on FB, Twitter, or email so I know what everyone around the world is doing (yep, at last count, we got ourselves readers in over 20 countries…)!

4. Check back here this Thursday for all the deets of next week’s first Pure Joy dinner! I’ll be listing up the menu, décor ideas, and a sneak peak at a couple little thingies I’ve got up my sleeve! If you are in our area and haven’t responded on Evite, now would be the time to do so – RSVPs are due tomorrow!

5. Keep up with the Joy Dare! We are having sooooooo much fun with it! God is so good and has blessed each and every one of us in so many amazing and different ways – let’s celebrate it!!!

Have a blessed and joyous week, everyone! See you Thursday with more JOY!

Up Thursday: A sneaky peek at next week’s Pure Joy Dinner #1!

Peace, love, and JOY!


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  1. I love it when God gets in my face, no subtleties, just screams to me “Yes, here I am!” Today the kids and I discussed the daily Joy Dare. We came up with 8am and noon quite easily. Around 2:15 I was wondering what to use as our 2:00 gift. I looked upward and saw the most amazing rainbow! I almost didn’t believe I really saw it, even asked Connor if it was really there! It was he saw it, we both immediately said 2:00 gift. Thank You Lord for all Your amazing gifts, especially the ones you knock me over the head with!

  2. Just reading this now, Wendie and LOVE it! Thank you for singing, sister! I am looking forward to finding my quiet time TODAY and listen for my song.

    Just finished “Bread & Wine”…cannot say enough about how much I love, love and can identify with that book. I am pretty sure Shauna and I could be BFF’s! The funny thing is that my parents almost named me Shauna (fun Julie B fact!) Now onto 1000 Gifts!

    • You and Shauna COULD be twins!!! Love it, Julie B. – you know I always love me a good fun fact!! I am looking forward to singin’ with you next Tuesday night! I hope you enjoy 1000 Gifts! I am sure you will. Ann Voskamp is a different kind of writer altogether than Shauna, but I bet you love it just as much! See you next week, sweet sister friend!

  3. Thank you, Wendie, once again! This definitely strikes a chord with me (ha ha! Couldn’t help myself!) But, in all seriousness, I do feel like I’m between songs, honing my technique and refocusing on the basics. Meanwhile, the next piece to challenge and excite me must be just around the corner. Just out of sight. While there is meditative comfort in my current daily routine, I am feeling the tug of a new endeavor and the desire to upend myself a bit and stretch my comfort zone. Your words encourage me to open my ears and heart. To listen to that call, whatever it may be.

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