The Luckiest Girl on the Planet (it’s ME)!


Um, I don’t want to gloat or anything, but I am the luckiest sister friend on the face of this planet. You can go ahead and try to argue and all, but you won’t win that battle!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these amazing candid shots from The Pure Joy Stringing Pearls with Wendie Summer Series 2013 Dinner #1 (okay, that’s a mouthful…!) from Tuesday night:

PJ Dinner 1 pic 1 PJ Dinner 1 pic 2 PJ Dinner 1 pic 3 PJ Dinner 1 pic 4 PJ Dinner 1 pic 5

Can you even believe it? Goodness gracious – I LOVE these women! Over 40 ladies came out to celebrate PURE JOY with me! How beautiful and awesome are they?!? Almost as awesome as the God we serve who loves us so much, that He truly showers us with joy, Amen?!

It’s been such an amazing week. I’ve loved on my sister friends (and was loved on right back), I’ve been privileged (and I honestly mean that) to be a small group leader for some incredible middle school-ers (my Elle included!) for a service overnight and retreat, AND I have plans for a great date night with Tim this weekend. Blessed, blessed, BLESSED, I tell you!

All week, I’ve been tangibly reminded time and time again of the blessings and joy God simply pops right on our path, if we just allow ourselves to see them as gifts instead of obligations, tasks, or to-do lists.

I’m guilty of seeing things through that distorted lens at times, are you? I want to let these opportunities for Pure Joy, these experiential chances to interact with the many hands and feet of Jesus here on Earth, to nourish my soul instead of sap my energy. It’s a choice how we see them. So…I choose the JOY path – join me!

I’m signing off today with a prayer of praise to Jesus of why remaining in relationship with one another and growing closer to Christ at the same time is the heart of our purpose while we are here:

Sweet Lord Jesus! I am almost speechless at the blessings you have given us today. I thank you that we are a people of privilege, honor, and glory because of our right standing with you. I’m not talking monetary blessings here. I’m talking about a spiritual blessing, full of Your peace, Your love, Your hope, and Your joy – on which we rely for our strength .

You give us a spirit that sustains and calms us when storms threaten to topple our boats, and a spirit that moves us to generosity and hospitality when the skies are beautifully blue! A spirit that leads us to relationship with one another, because You delight when we ARE Your hands and feet – wherever it is you place us. Lord, cover us today with Your wisdom and goodness, so that we would then remember to be the salt and light to this world that can sometimes seem so harsh and dark.

Remind us that you have great plans for us that include prosperity, wellness, hope for the future, and joy in each day. Jesus, we acknowledge that none of this is possible without you. Thank you for counting us as yours. Your sacrifice is our eternal reward.

Help us to move our minds up to a place of renewal and nourishment, focused on you, our Father, and the Holy Spirit instead of on the things of this world that threaten our strength – which is YOUR joy! In your mighty name, AMEN!!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends!

Up Monday: Every little thing is gonna be alright!

Peace, love and JOY!!!!



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  1. :-] Loved your closing prayer. Filled me with hope & joy on a day which is burdened with fret and questioning.
    I will focus my mind on Him trusting His plan for my elderly friend will clearly present itself.

  2. Wendie, thank you for the perspective that shared. These past few weeks have been overloaded with ‘tasks and obligations’. Thanks for reminding me that there is PURE JOY in all these things I am able to do for and with my family!

  3. I love the idea of ‘moving our minds to renewal and nourishment.’ How right you are; it’s always a question of perspective. Stepping back, refocusing… remembering why I put a task on my to-do list in the first place. Giving each task an intention and doing it with love. That mental renewal makes all the difference between mean-old-mom and deep-breath-understanding. (Or sometimes it’s just that I really need a nap!) But remembering that it all starts with good intention is sometimes hard. Thank you for reminding me to choose to engage with joy and love. Off to fold laundry… with intentions of love for my family, gratitude for garments to clothe, hands to fold, and machines to wash, and joy for God’s love for all of us.

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