Our Joy Dare Round Up, Part DEUX!!!!


I’m so giddily filled with happiness to bring you a second installment of the Stringing Pearls with Wendie Joy Dare Round Up! Wahooooo!

It’s been such an uplifting and motivating project this summer to see all the different ways God is blessing people! We’ve seen Joy Dare posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, via email, and even in written letters to us (as in HAND WRITTEN!!!!) Clearly, the Lord is moving hearts to gratitude and JOY through Ann Voskamp’s incredible 1000 Gifts and the Joy Dare. I LOVE it!

Here we go!!! The Top 10 Joy Dare posts, Part Two!

10. A gift small! A sweet new, very tiny, puppy! Submitted by our resident dog lover – Elle Belle! (insert big “awwwwww” here!)

small black puppy

9. A sweet tribute to gifts “full” by our one and only sister friend, Didi!

“1. My heart full of love for my mom 2. My heart full of love for my girls, and I guess the DOG! 3. My cabinets so I don’t have to grocery shop!”

(Oh Didi, I hear ya loud and clear on number 3…!)

8. A gift of “homemade” persistence! The Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup! (Can you tell we are Chicago sports fans around here?!) Creative inspiration and photo creds go to Lauren, Emily, and Elle!

A gift Persistant

7. A beautiful summary of gifts found in the light by the incredible Lyn, as she cares for ailing parents:

“ As my mom and I left the hospital we saw the most amazing sunset ever. The sky was ablaze with light. My Dad’s condition is currently stable. I am so grateful for the blessings!”

Our prayers are with you, Lyn! Keep that light shining, sweet sister friend!

6. A gift of enthusiasm. Um, we think this picture speaks for itself! Photo cred: Elle and Oliva!

a gift of enthusiasm

5. A fun  look at three gifts that are moving from our cool, college coed, Kaitlyn:

“Father’s Day spent at the Warrior Dash, my changing faith, and a car carrying someone I love!”

So sweet, Kait!

4. A Gift of Challenge, Conflict, Change from Tammy! Photo Cred:  Tammy!

a gift of challenge

3. Gift in water – oh my gosh, I could eat this sweet thing up! Photo Cred: proud momma, Kristyn!

Water Baby

2. A foodie gift! This one’s from – SHOCKING – me (I’m currently OBSESSED with these amazing coconut shrimp and crabcakes from a local hot spot!

A gift eaten

1. Gift from Heavenly Father: photo cred: the one and only Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp Gift from your heavenly father

I think it’s only fitting that Ann got the number one spot this go-round, don’t you?! I mean, after all, without her idea of the Joy Dare, this post wouldn’t even be happening, would it?! Click here to connect directly with her superb blog!

Don’t you just feel HAPPIER reading all that and seeing those amazing images?! My goodness, God is surely alive and blessing us in such abundant ways – how can we so often forget that? I hope you carry these thoughts and images with you today as tangible reminders of how very much He loves and cares for you – more than your heart can even stand!

One last thing to be joyous about – NEXT TUESDAY!!! Our Pure Joy Dinner #2 is bursting at the seams with sister friends excited and waiting to celebrate our FAVORITE things! Check back here on the blog Monday morning for a sneak peak at what we’ll be doing, sharing, and talking about! OH MY GOSH – the anticipation is killing me!!!!

Up Monday: Fiesta Preview and a few new thoughts about my Bible sister friend hero, ESTHER!!!

Praying for a gorgeous, glorious, and God-given, gift-filled weekend for each of you!

Peace, love, and JOY!!



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