I “MUSTACHE” you a most serious question…


Be honest – do you think I need a lip wax?!

Wendie with Stache at Fiesta

Just kidding! I’ve been dying to say that since Tuesday night’s Stringing Pearls with Wendie Pure Joy Dinner #2! And as you are about to see, it was QUITE the Fiesta!  (Who ever said Bible study was boring?!?!?! NOT me, that’s for sure!)

Fiesta Pic 4

It is amazing how some creative minds and a bunch of willing hands can transform what was already a beautiful backyard into a magical Mexican village! The team who worked so hard on this night was truly A DREAM! Kim’s home was welcoming and GORGEOUS! Julie B. and Alicia were stellar in their roles as party leads and head chefs! Diana and Kathy are single handedly the BEST party décor dynamic duo alive! And don’t get me started on the rest of the chefs: Julie S., Nattie Nat Natters, Laura, Lisa, and Lyn! Yeah, it takes a village and all, but it was worth every single second of effort!

Fiesta Pic 6

Tuesday night was all about sharing our favorite things! And speaking of favorites, on Monday, I wrote here on the blog about my favorite childhood TV show, The Brady Bunch, and how it relates to my favorite book in the Bible, Esther (yep, the Brady’s meet the Bible!). I won’t bore you here by repeating what I wrote, but let’s just say it had a lot to do with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (Click here to read it!)

Fiesta Pic 1

Today, let’s relive another one of my favorite Brady episodes! It’s the one where Peter has a party and he’s been so busy talking it up and being a little self-centered about it, that at first, nobody shows up. But of course, like all things Brady, it all works out in the end and the house is FULL of teenagers having a groovy time being welcomed into the awesome Brady home (eating some of Alice’s tasty vittles, of course)!

Fiesta Pic 3

Peter learned a powerful lesson in that episode that we all should learn about the power of true hospitality.

Fiesta Pic 7

Hospitality, Godly hospitality, is really about creating a safe place within the world for someone else – not simply extending the invitation or just opening the door! Opening the door starts the ball rolling, of course, but then asking someone INSIDE (or even stepping OUTSIDE of your door) begins the changing process, one person at a time.

Fiesta Pic 5

Sharing yourself, your blessings, and your life with other people creates a bond of encouragement, support, and comfort that nothing else can humanly do!

Like Esther, we have been given much blessing in this life, and we each have a call on us that we were uniquely put here to live out. We need look no further than our own “palace gates” (or front doors, as the case may be!) for opportunities, as Ghandi famously said, to be the change we want to see in this world.

Fiesta Pic 2

So today, as we did on Tuesday night as a group, I want you to consider ways you might be able to share some of your favorite God-given talents and strengths with others.  Change lives, one person at a time.

Because if not you, then who will? You, like Esther, were put HERE for such a time as this!

Have a blessed weekend, my friends! Take some time to relax!

Up Monday: Untie that knot in your stomach!

Peace, love, and JOY!!!



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