Believe it or not, I’m walking on air (…and you can too!)


“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air! I never thought I could feel so free-eee-eeee! Flying away on a wing and a prayer…Who could it be?! Believe or not it’s just me.” Chorus from The Greatest American Hero television series (1980-1983).

(Please tell me you’re old enough to remember that one! If not, click here to hear it in its entirety!!!)

Two short months ago, at our very first Pure Joy Summer Series Dinner, one of the things that brought me the biggest giggles was sitting at my small group dinner table and singing (at the top of our lungs, mind you) the theme song from the 80’s television show, The Greatest American Hero! We thought we were so cool that night (ahem…), we actually sang it twice! And you know, once a song gets in your head, it can be kinda hard to get rid of, can’t it?!

Something about that chorus just makes me happy! “I’m walking on air – believe it or not, it’s just me!” As in – “anyone can do it!” As in – “I should try this!” As in – “LOOK AT ME, I’m doing it!” As in – “I actually have it in me! Wow!”  I am doing it and SO CAN YOU!

Yes! You DO have the power in you! You can walk freely, knowing that you have the powerful gift of a counselor, comforter, guide, companion, and friend who is always with you – the Holy Spirit!

2 Tim 1 7

Oh sisters. We have it in us, and it was given to us through the power and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ after He returned home to reign with Our Father in Heaven! He gifted us with a precious and JOYFUL way to live life on this side of Heaven exactly as He created us to live!

We don’t need to live afraid.

We don’t need to live powerlessly.

We don’t need to live without direction or purpose.

We’ve got Spirit, yes we do! We’ve got Spirit – how ‘bout you?! 🙂

Last week, I spent some wonderful, quality time with Ella and my parents! One of the coolest things Elle and I were lucky enough to do was a rope and zip line course high up in the trees near the home of my parents. Talk about walking on air!

Tree Umphh Suited Up

I watched my 12 year old in awe as she transformed from a tentative girl at the beginning of the day, fumbling with her harness and hooks into this graceful, confident, powerful young woman expertly hooking and unhooking herself to safety wires, zipping way up in the sky from tree to tree, and effortlessly moving along on the thinnest wire I’d ever seen a person traverse some 30 feet in the air. Talk about spirit! That woman child of mine was practically walking on air!

Tree Umphh Elle

How did that transformation take place?! How did she change from a timid child, afraid to try something so bold, into an air-walking, powerful young lady?

She chose to trust the tools that were given to her. They could be relied upon for her every need on the course. They would not let her down. They would provide a powerful “safety net” if she used them as instructed, and give her the freedom to fly.

What a gift for me, as her momma, to witness. Powerful stuff, my friends, to see your child fly. And fly she did. With pure joy in her spirit…and on her face!

THAT is the gift of the Holy Spirit! Our ability to choose Him as the power that gives us courage, strength, and discipline is exhilarating. The same power that helps us to grow the fruit of peace, joy, love, gentleness, kindness, goodness, humility, and faithfulness in our lives.

Do not be timid, sweet friends. TRUST that the powerful, Holy Spirit given to you from God will see you through anything that this side of Heaven can throw at you. The harness is secure, the safety wires are in place, and the zip line is intact. Choose Him. And learn to walk freely “on air”! You’ve never experienced ANYTHING like it – I guarantee it!

(BTW – a special thank you and photo cred goes out to my daddio, Bill, for the pictures today! Thanks, Daddy!)

Pure Joy Summer Series, Week 12 (yes, I said it. Week TWELVE…!)

Speaking of “flying”, can you believe we are in the middle of August?! Just two more weeks left of Stringing Pearls with Wendie Pure Joy Summer Series 2013! And TOMORROW we celebrate with our final Pure Joy Dinner of the summer!

We are so excited to be hosted by our beautiful and hospitable sister friend, Marcie, and be treated to the party planning skills of Leah, Erin, and Nattie Nat Natters (okay, her name is actually Natalie, but I just can’t resist a good nickname with her!)! We’re celebrating all things that remind us of the joys of “home”! I seriously cannot wait!

And, as has become my tradition with these dinners, I’ll be sure to post some silly photos here on the blog this Thursday! Be sure to check back to get a look at all the fun we had!

So what’s a good Bible study girl to do this 12th week of Pure Joy?!

1. Memorize/rewrite our scripture for the week: 2 Timothy 1:7!

2. Listen to our joyful tune for this week: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”!  I’m partial to versions by Jason Castro OR the incomparable Israel Kamakawiwo’ole .  Click here to see “IZ” perform it!  It’s awesome!

3. Keep on reading! You’ve got two weeks of “summer” left, sister friends! Make them count!

4. Attend OR HOST your own Pure Joy dinner this week! We’re going Italian style – La Dolce Vita!

5. Start thinking about how the Joy Dare has changed your perspective this summer! Are you finding it easier to see the intimate relationship between gratitude, joy, and blessings?!

One final thing, my dears! I will be announcing the Fall Series for Stringing Pearls with Wendie at the dinner this Tuesday! I’ll talk a little about it this Thursday on the blog – but as a little teaser, let me leave you today with this: mark your calendars for the Stringing Pearls with Wendie Fall Bible Study Series to begin locally at in-home Bible studies in our area the week of September 16th! If you aren’t in the area or cannot attend a day-time study with us for whatever reason, no worries! You’ll be able to follow along with us here on the blog! It will be ah-mazing and GLORIOUS… (ahem – that’s another little hint…!!!).

Until Thursday – may God bless and keep you safe and JOYFUL!!! Love you!

Peace, love, and JOY!


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  1. Love your zip lining story! I did the same thing Friday in Costa Rica. Prayed the entire bus ride up the mountain and even harder as I climbed the narrow steps. Gave myself up to Him and asked for grace to enjoy this beautiful country He invited me to visit. As I pushed off the first platform that darned song came to mind too! SERIOUSLY I was singin’ Believe it or not I’m flyin’ thru air! WOO HOO Exhilarating Aren’t ‘we lucky to be healthy and strong enough to do those things. I’m more grateful every day. Happy day, sweet Wendie!/Laura

  2. Reading this with my feet in the sand by the lake in the sunshine, and feeling so blessed! And love your vacay pics! Have fun tonight!

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