…I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feeeeeel so bad!


Isn’t it so true?  Don’t you just feel so amazingly better when you focus on your FAVORITE things?!

Julie Andrews

And in that uninhibited spirit (!) today, we continue our wrap up of our AMAZING Pure Joy Summer Series with the conclusion of a pray using the final 6 treasures from scripture we learned this summer:  (click here for the first six!!)

Week 7:  Proverbs 31:15

proverbs 3115

Thank you for the reminder that the sooner we rise up in the battle, the longer and stronger we learn to stand in faith. The stronger we stand up in faith, the more courageous warriors we become.  The more courageous warriors we become, the more the power we have over the enemy. The more power we have over the enemy, the faster he will flee.  The faster he flees, the farther God’s power will reach.  The farther God’s power reaches, the more hearts are apprehended for Christ.  The more hearts that are apprehended for Christ…well…the sooner the WAR will be over.  The sooner the war is over, the sooner we will experience PURE JOY.

Week 8:  Esther 4:14

esther 414
God, thank you that you have a plan for each of us that is planned out to the most minute of details.  Thank you that you have the trust in us that we would follow your lead right now, right here, and always!

Week 9:  James 1:2-3

James 1

Oh Lord, even when the circumstances we’re in appear dark, hopeless, or unchangeable, we LOVE that you provide us opportunity in our dark moments to grow our faith through trust and perseverance!  YES – help us to remember these times as pure joy!

Week 10:  Matthew 14:32

matthew 14 32

We are blessed beyond measure that in those moments when we cannot find the courage, strength, or gumption to get out of the boat to come to you, that you lovingly and willingly will get in the boat WITH us and calm the storms.  What a gift you offer, Jesus!

Week 11:  2 Timothy 1:7, NLT

2 Tim 1 7

Father, your gifts to us are limitless.  How is it that you know exactly what we need, exactly when we need it?!  Thank you for always giving us courage, a sound mind, and self-control in those moments we cannot find it on our own!

And week 12:  Matthew 5:14

god colors

Abba, help us to always be your light, your hands, your feet, and your people.  You bring us joy in serving you by helping others.

Sweet Father, your Truth and Your Word bring us comfort, strength, and JOY!  We bless you for it.  We praise you for it.  We LOVE you for it.  And we thank you for it.

Thank you for this season of rest, rejuvenation, memory making, and joy-filling!  We ask that You will continue to bless us and walk with us as we transition into a new season of the year, of life, and of activity.

Would You remind us to put you first?  At the very moment our eyes open in the morning, to think on and remember You? To acknowledge Your Holy guidance and Your love for us and all those who love You?  To gently nudge us to give up control to You, and then – if needed –  pry our sticky little fingers off the helm of our “life ships”?

It might take some serious reminding, Lord.  You know where we need to go. You know the heading.  You know the obstacles and blessings that are in our paths.  We are lost without You.  We don’t always like to heed your voice or give up control because we are human.  But we want to.  I promise we do.

I ask for special and tangible blessings on all the wonderful women (and men!) who followed this study over the summer!  I pray Your hand would rest on them and their families for many, many generations to come!

I pray that we remember all we’ve learned from You throughout these past months and that You would prepare our minds and spirits to hear what You have in store for us next!

In the name of Jesus, I lift this prayer up to the Lord!  Amen!

Well – here we go!  Off on a new adventure soon!  Beginning next week, we’ll start talking a little bit about the “I Made You Glorious Stringing Pearls with Wendie Fall 2013 Series” (you know I can never, ever make anything short…!) and all the cool stuff we have to go along with it!

Thank you once again for the privilege of walking with you this summer!  I had a BLAST, learned a lot, deepened my love and belief in God, and honestly experienced PURE JOY!

Up Monday: I Sorta Love Be GLORIOUS!!!!



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  1. Wendie, That was a lovely wrap-up of the summer series. The clever graphics helped to bring home the important concepts. We all appreciate your efforts to teach your audience these spiritual truths. I especially love the reminder of how Jesus “calms the storms”. Why is it that going back to school tends to be stormy for me? I will read this post again when I feel the storm raging! Thanks again! With Love, Kim

    • Thanks so much, Kim! We had a great summer, didn’t we?! I know, the beginning of the school year always come with so many emotions and changes. I’m so glad He gets IN the boat with me because I can’t decide which way it headed!!! See you soon! Love you!!

  2. Awesome, Wendie! And of course, perfectly timed message for me. I was given the gift of several joyful moments this morning (compliment on my son from new teacher, yoga, laughs with neighbors and a bit of relaxing in the sun) and kept giving thanks for all we have learned…truly has shifted my perspective! I think having some time this summer to let Fall/Spring BS insights percolate + exposure to new sources of inspiration has been such an amazing and joyful gift. Thank you so much for keeping the momentum going this summer. I’ve treasured each blog post and look forward to our new session! Xoxoxo

    • Yea!! What a cool day you’ve had, my sweet Julie Bee!! I’m excited for us to get back into the groove with BS and hear all sorts of new thoughts and ideas about how God blesses and is so faithful to us!! Love you, girlie cue!

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