The Good, the Bad, and the SUPER Ugly (or “Incognito Grocery Shopping Tips…”)


(Be sure to read all the way down to the bottom of the blog today for some very cool, exciting news…!!!)

“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came…”  Theme song lyrics to the NBC television show, “Cheers”.

Nobody knows your name

I’m going to confess something here.  There are days I actually go grocery shopping two suburbs away in order to avoid seeing anyone I know.  It’s true (and if you know me and are wondering if it’s YOU I’m avoiding, let me just say “Of course it’s not you, sweetie.  It’s everyone else.” ).

But seriously, some days I don’t want to see anyone! The demands of being a mom, a wife, and homeowner, not to mention a volunteer, a dog owner, a writer, speaker, and a Bible study girl can sometimes get overwhelming to this sister friend (and yes, I know you probably have more demands on you than I have,  I’m just letting you know MY stuff!).  I want to just hole up, hide out with my Bible, a cup of Trader Joe’s Decaf Candy Cane Green Tea and VEG OUT!  And here’s the great part – God’s totally cool with that.

“With God, I can be myself (the good, the bad, and the super ugly!) without any fear of being ‘found out’ because the Bible says He knows it all anyway.  It’s a bit strange to think you are talking with God when He is aware of all your faults, your strengths, and your needs.  But – JUST LIKE US AS PARENTS WITH OUR OWN CHILDREN – He still wants to hear about our days, our triumphs and desires, our hurts and disappointments, and to love us in every way possible through all of it.”  Wendie Connors, The KISS, pages 45-46.

So, when it comes to talking to God, don’t be as cowardly as me and my grocery shopping!  No need to hide miles away!  He knows it all anyway so just sit down and let it all out.  He’s waiting for you!

psalm 139 4-6

Excerpt taken from Daily Smooches: Devotions from The K.I.S.S., copyright 2012, Wendie J. Connors, 2012.  All rights reserved.

To order Daily Smooches, click here!

Now, here’s the news scoop I was telling you about up at the top!!

I’m so excited to share something SUPER COOL with you all today!  Recently, I was quite humbled and excited to be asked to become a regular contributor to a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW BLOG created by the Billy Graham Center!!!  It’s called Evangel-Vision!

Evangel-Vision is a collective of 44 regular voices from all facets of life sharing their passion for Christ with others!    Here’s a peek at who we are!!!  (Yep, that’s me, second row, just right of the middle!)


Evangel-Vision is sponsored by the Billy Graham Center  and is a community of people who have a similar love of the gospel and desire to see every person know the love of Jesus!

Sharing the gospel is a way of life, lived out in ways too numerous to count. Being able to tell others about Jesus is a blessing each follower of Christ is given!

But how do we do this well? How do we winsomely and lovingly be his ambassadors?

Well, this is what Evangel-Vision is all about…learning from each other, being inspired by each other, and then going out and letting the light of Jesus shine as a light upon a hill.  Let it shine, let it shine, let it SHINE!!!

The blog went “live” this week and you can access it by clicking this link:

My first post to the blog will be during the first week of October, and I’ll post three more times in the first half of 2014!  I’ll be sure to direct you to those posts when the time comes!

In the meantime, I encourage you to check it out, see what others are writing about, and even sign up to receive it, too!  Thanks in advance for your support of this COOL, new blog!

Up Monday (here on Stringing Pearls with Wendie):  Everything you need to know to get your “glory groove” on!

Have a great weekend!

Peace and love,



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