How to Get Your Glory Groove Going (and the TOP TEN things I learned at Bible Camp this weekend…!)


Well, would you look at this!  Here we are just one, little, teeny tiny week away from the start of our Fall 2013 Bible Study Series!

Glorious Poster

(If you need a reminder of what we are studying together, please click here!)

Kick off here on the blog is next MONDAY!!!!  Every Monday for the entire 10 week series will be what I like to call “Morning Glory Mondays”!  I’ll be blogging about God’s glory as it is revealed “right on this very Earth”.   Through people, just like you, doing amazing things that restore our hope that GOD IS GOOD – no matter what!  On Thursdays, I’ll blog about our study lesson for the week itself, giving some additional application of scripture, life examples, etc., to support Holley’s AMAZING book!

Each week, we will have scripture to memorize, a song to groove along to, a quote from the book to relish, and plenty of opportunities to GROW His glory in us!!!

Just like with our summer series, I have some cool-beans, supplemental stuff that you can access to support the lessons and weekly teaching!!  *YEA!!!* On Thursday, I’ll be posting up the I Made You Glorious Reading List and the I Made You Glorious Tunes List!!!  I love me some good, Glory to God tunes, don’t you?!

In order to be all ready to rock and roll for next week, if you are either IN a Stringing Pearls with Wendie study here in Glen Ellyn/Wheaton, OR, if you are following along with us here on the blog and in your OWN small group studies (BTW – WELCOME!  We are so glad you are here with us!) – then please READ CHAPTER 1 of You’re Already Amazing  (girlies, you are going to LOVE it!) AND complete the questions on pages 195-6 in the Go Deeper Guide at the back of the book!  That’s all you need to do before we begin next week!

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!  I look forward to every little thing God has up His sleeve and in His heart for each of us!  And in the wise words of the winsome Max in “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendlack…


And speaking of rumpuses (or is a rumpi?!), I have GOT to share with you the wonderfulness of my weekend at camp!

I had the complete honor and privilege to co-lead the Living Waters Bible Camp Women’s Retreat this past weekend with none other than THE Nancy Grisham (yep – I’m talking about the author of Thriving: Trusting God for Life to the Fullest get this book for yourself to see what kind of LIFE God has planned for YOU)!!!  What a GIFT FROM GOD to spend an entire weekend with Nancy and the glorious gift of teaching with one another.  What a rumpus God stirred in our hearts this weekend!

Before I tell you the top ten things I personally learned there, let me just say that if you want to start a rumpus in your heart, you better just get yourself to Bible Camp with 100+ sister friends ASAP.  God shows up and changes lives.  That’s all I gotta say about that.  Yeah.

So. Here we go,

“What I Learned At Bible Camp”

10.  I am a high maintenance camper.  I had more luggage than anyone there.  ANYONE. Five bags and a purse.  For a weekend.  At camp.  Oh, and I didn’t need to bring so many diet cokes (eliminating at least ONE bag).  Apparently, even camps have soda machines (who knew?!).  And they only cost 75 cents each.  So, yeah.  Lesson learned.

diet coke machine

9.  I actually like Wisconsin.  Again – who knew?!  Just kidding – we Chicago people like to kid about that.  Sort of.

8.  The voices of over 100 women singing together in worship is nothing short of PURE JOY MAGIC.  It will bring you to the happiest tears you’ve ever shed, I think!  Especially with the Lombard Gospel Chapel worship team leading it (a humungous thanks to Linda, Heather, Susan, Hannah, Melanie, and “BIG FINISH BETH”!!!).  And (even though thou shalt not steal) I’m PRETTY sure I want to steal Hannah’s djembe and never give it back.  Sister friends, that thing ROCKS!

Hannah's djembe

7.  There are over 50 ways to wear a scarf and they are CUTE.  Completely, totally CUTE!!!  Too bad I’m too uncoordinated to figure them all out!  But thanks for trying, Darcy!  You’re skilled and I mean SKILLED, girl!

6.  Even big girls like crowns.  And we all are the Queen of Something, aren’t we?! For who knows if we have been put here for such a TIME as this (Esther 4:14!)?  You look ready for action, Carrie!

Queen Carrie

5. Jokes from Bible Camp apparently are only funny to the people who attended camp together.  I’ve tried sharing them now that I’m home and no one seems to be laughing but me…yeah.

4.  Porch swings make everything better and remind you of what’s important.

porch swing

3.  I am a bit too reliant on instant communication.  Apparently there are areas of this great country of ours where you cannot get CELLULAR service.  Hmmm.  Maybe this should’ve been part of lesson 10 above.

2.  Connecting with my sister friends is crucial to my spiritual growth.  I cannot stress this one enough.   I absolutely love my Sister Momma Nancy, my Sister Auntie Beth, and my Sister Sister Sandra.  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t come up with any better titles than that.  I’m a little weary from all the GIGGLING, er, I mean GROWING!!!)

sister friend selfie


1. Jesus is bigger than anything.  Like, ANYTHING.  Name above all names.  Lord of Lord’s.  Blessed Redeemer.  Emanuel.  MESSIAH.  Nothing life throws at you will ever, ever be bigger than Him.  If you don’t believe me, you best be booking a spot to Living Waters Bible Camp.  He’ll meet you there and explain it all in person if you ask Him to.  I promise.

Up Thursday:  A Sneaky Little Peek at some Bible study goodies…!!!

Peace, love, joy, and GLORY!




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  1. #11 Here’s one more lesson I learned at Bible Camp FROM my sister sister friend, Wendie… “If you align yourself with God, you will soar!” Ask about Wendie’s Safety Information Card for Flying with Jesus for more details:-)

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