I Can’t Keep Secrets (…and that’s why I’m spilling them here)!


Okay.  My ministry team is probably going to beat me for this.  Like, “beat my proverbial backside” with their flabbergasted stares.

But I just had to.  As in, HAD TO, show you some of the goodies the participants in our local Bible studies will be getting this fall because they are…

So. Darn. CUTE.

(I totally jest about the beating thing, by the way.  They are the sweetest girls ever.  They’d never hurt a single hair on anyone’s head.  Unless it was to pluck a chin hair, of course.  And then, look out, because the tweezers would come at you – full force.  Because we sister friends need to look out for one another that way, Amen?)

Are ya’ll ready for this?  (*insert NBA game intro song here – you KNOW the one I mean*)

Scripture Booklets! 

scripture book

Oooooh my!  I LOVE these!  Time and time again, they prove to be a sister friend’s favorite treat from our studies!  Not only do we memorize scripture weekly to FILL UP on His living word, but we ALSO get song recommendations! AND, everything gets kept together in a cute little packet with a pretty little ribbon.

I mean, really.  What more could a good Bible study girl ask for?!

OH SISTER.  I’m glad you asked!  Because our Bible Babes get a lot more!  Like these Bible-Marking Bundles…

bible markers

…for marking up your own beautiful Bible with post-its, a colored pencil for highlighting, and pens for making notes.  All the cool kids are using these.  (Or so I’m told.  I may not be the coolest girl around.  Or maybe I am.  I’m not telling, one way or the other.)  But I WILL say that I AM already amazing…and so are YOU!  Because He who lives in me is greater than anything else (1 John 4:4 – look it up if you don’t believe me!).

And the last little treat I will show you today (even though there are SEVERAL more that we will reveal next week…), is this fully functional and gorgeously glorious bookmark to help keep your place in Holley’s cool beans book as we read!


I am so excited to get started on this Fall Bible Study journey with all of you!  AND, from the comments I am getting from those of you who have already read Chapter One (don’t forget, it’s the homework due next week…), it sounds like you are loving the book as much as I do!

When I first read this book, I had to keep looking over my shoulder because I wondered if maybe Holley was secretly camped out in my backyard, peeking in the family room window, visually eavesdropping on me as I wrote in my own prayer journal. It was as if she KNEW exactly how I felt, what I was going through, and had laid out a sweet plan for me to work out the kinks of my heart.

Here’s the thing I’m figuring out.  We’ve all got “something”, my sweet friends.  Something that threatens to keep us from believing we ARE exactly who our glorious Father made us to be.  And it’s about time that “thing” got kicked on out into exile! 

So.  Now, this is our time.  OUR time.  Our time to break free of what is holding us back and soar right on into the people He created us, in HIS image, to be. 

HE MADE YOU GLORIOUS.  And don’t you ever forget it!

Isaiah 60 1

“WAKE UP!  God’s bright glory has risen for you!”  (Okay, how amazingly cool is THAT scripture?!) And with that, I pray you have a wonderful weekend.  Oh, and please:  Get rested, because our WILD RUMPUS begins next week!

(If you look up there, right at the top of the blog, you’ll see a new tab for our fall series!  If you click it, you’ll find a couple cool resources for additional reading materials- AND TEN AMAZING TUNES –  that completely go along with what we are studying this fall!  This tab will be up through the entire series!)

Up Monday:  Morning Glory Monday!!!



PS – instructions on how to make any and all Bible study goodies for this series will be posted here on the blog next week!  😉


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  1. Do you still have the link to make some of these crafts? I am in a small group of ladies going through this book and would love to incorporate these goodies for them!!

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