Me, Myself, and LIFE.


One of the saddest lies we, as women, somehow find ourselves believing is the one that tells us that we are not worthy, we are not loved or treasured, and that we are not wanted. (Sorry guys, this one may not totally apply to you today…hang in there though, I’ll be off my estrogen soap box soon!)

When we believe this lie, we end up searching the world for validation, for someone to simply say, “You’re beautiful.  In every way.”  Problem is, the world isn’t where we need to be looking.  Because the world is filled with false information (aka – LIES) about us that will send us into private, psychological battles with the demon of insecurity that only Truth (God’s Truth) can win.

I absolutely love this video created by the team behind Dove soap and beauty products.  It’s a poignant reminder that who we think we are (and the person we think others see) may not exactly be the truth.  Check it out:

I cried my eyes out the first time I saw that video because I’ve been there.  It resonates with me!  I’ve shown it to my daughter.  I’ve shared it with friends.  And, in complete appreciation for this ad, I’m now using a LOT of Dove products… 😉

The good news is that God is waiting on you to LET HIM IN to fight for you.  There is nothing He wants more!

Have you ever noticed that when you choose to focus on how the world sees you and/or how you see yourself in this world, you simply end up thinking and saying a lot of things about “me, myself, and I”?  And then, after a little while, those statements (whether verbalized or not) really become something more like “me, myself, and LIES”.

We hold a mirror up to our faces and our souls that is skewed and rather distorted.  It’s a mixture of what we wish were true about ourselves with a big old dose of what we think the world wants us to be.

That’s a really tough place to live, sweet friends.  We are more than a summation of what the world views as the perfect woman, or – as Holley Gerth so beautifully puts it in You’re Already Amazing – the “It Girl”.

“Our culture is obsessed with the ‘it girl’.  She’s defined as a woman who has ‘it’ all together – whatever ‘it’ is at the moment.  We want to be like her and do what she does.  We can’t imagine anyone feeling the same way about us.  Life becomes a competition to see who can be the prettiest, trendiest, and most stylish.  In the corporate world, it’s who can climb highest, fastest, farthest.  In the church (don’t think we’re exempt) it’s who can be the sweetest, godliest, most servant-hearted.  Depending on the day or the year, who that woman is changes.  It’s an endless game of ‘tag-you’re it’ that exhausts us all and makes us competitors rather than sisters.”  Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing. Copyright 2012.

God does not create “It Girls”.  He creates glorious, mighty women (yep, that’s us) in His image, and that image is one that never changes!

The antidote to the “me, myself, and lies” spiral is spending time with Him, in His Word, becoming and transforming our thoughts into me, myself, and LIFE.”

We are wanted.  We are loved.  We are HIS.

blackboard isaiah 49

And when we live in God’s view of us (Truth), we can live freely.  Without the strings the world seems to want to attach to us (or maybe we LET it attach to us). Because even in our moments when the strings get all tangled up and we feel like a bound up version of a marionette, when we choose Jesus, somehow…graciously, mercifully…He cuts the mangled cords. 

He smoothes out the kinks.  He takes the worldly lies that threaten to keep us in a box we cannot escape, and replaces them with Truth that gives us wings to fly.

And so this is where we begin our journey!!  We have 10 weeks to walk with one another through Holley’s beautiful book and begin to sweep the lies out of our souls and let God’s Truth about who we really are full-on apprehend us!  What a treat!  What a GLORIOUS gift!  And I’m honored to walk it with you!

So, what’s an amazing woman like you to do this week?!  I thought you’d never ask!!

  1.  Read Chapter 2 of You’re Already Amazing (be sure to complete the intra-chapter exercises and complete the Go Deeper Guide Questions on pages 197-199).
  2. Memorize and/or rewrite our scripture of the week:  Isaiah 49:15-16, ERV (click here for a link to Bible Gateway!)
  3. Check out our song of the week:  “You Make Everything Glorious” by The David Crowder Band!  Here’s a link to a cool video of the song on YouTube!

Now for the moment I’ve been waiting for!  Here are two photos of all the Bible study goodies the ladies here received this week!  First, the BAG itself!

tote bag

Now, here’s what is in the completely cool tote bag:

Totebag contents

1. Scripture booklet containing cards with the memorization verse of the week and song of the week!

2.  Bible marking kit for keeping track of pertinent scripture!

3.  Crafty bookmark to hold your place in You’re Already Amazing!

4.  Super cute journal to make notes and keep track of prayers, etc.!

5.  A little packet of Kleenex (forgot to put it in the picture, but you know the one I mean – fits in your pocket or purse!)!

6.  Bedazzled, double-sided picture frame in which we will be using quotes from our awesome book by Holley Gerth to keep us energized and on track each week!  Here is the picture we have for this week!

Glorious Pic Week 1

Now.  If you are not in one of our physical studies, but you would like a chance to win one entire set of goodies for yourself, just leave a comment on today’s blog  and ONE LUCKY reader will be chosen at random to win!  You will be notified by email and all we will need to get from you is your address!  I’ll announce the winner here on the blog next week!

Go and make it a glorious weekend, sweet friends.  And start remembering the Truth – you’re already amazing because of Who already lives inside of you!

Up Monday:  Morning Glory Monday – A “homecoming” NOT to be missed (teaser:  if you like animals, you’re gonna LOVE this one!)

Peace, love, and joy!


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  1. Hey Wendie, I loved, loved, loved the video. It made me cry. I can’t wait to share it with my daughters and sister. I miss being with you guys. Hope you have a wonderful bible study. Maria

    • Maria. We miss you!!!! I had to tag along your post because I have so been thinking of you and haven’t taken the time to write and say hello. Hope CA is going well for you and your family. I miss seeing your smile in our group! Take care. lori

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