What You Can Gain By Giving Up $10.03


Okay.  Last week, perhaps I did speak a little too soon when I said there was nothing as cute as a happy puppy.  (Click here to see what THAT was all about!)

I think I may have to eat my words.  Watch this:

Yep.  How cute is he?  My favorite part is when he says, “If every person would just do that, we’d have such a great world!  It’d be awesome!”

I don’t know about you, but when I was 11 years old, I was saving up my money for a big old Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss and a Joan Jett album, instead of thinking about how to make an impact on the world!  That boy has the heart of a servant, doesn’t he?!

And the story doesn’t just end with Max’s heartwarming $10.03 gesture!  People around the world have been so moved by his story, hundreds of “$10.03 gifts” are making their way into various charities and all sorts of philanthropic causes!  News reports are flooding in around the United States about donations to police departments, the Red Cross, churches, medical funds for people in need, etc.!  All because one boy chose to listen to his heart’s call to pay forward what he could give and bless the lives of others.

In the interview, you heard Max say, “One day that’s gonna make a difference, maybe not a big difference, but a difference.”  Well, Max, I think you’ll find that God’s glory has shined down on you and your “little difference” has become very big, indeed.

matthew 25 23

Well done, Max.  I can’t wait to see what God has planned next for you because, to quote you, sweet boy, “It’s gonna be awesome,” I just know it! Now go and share in His happiness!

You can click here to read the full story that accompanies the video!  http://www.today.com/news/police-id-mystery-boy-who-donated-savings-10-03-4B11180302

How’s that for a great way to start your day?  I bet you’re smiling by now!  If not, go back and watch Max’s cute face and by the end of that short video, you will be!

Have a glorious Monday!

Up Thursday: #really? (or…What’s Up with The Hashtags?!)

Peace, love, and GLORY!



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