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A Friday Post here on Stringing Pearls with Wendie…!

As many of you know, one of my biggest passions in life is lighting a fire for Jesus in the hearts of women. I am so excited because, yesterday, I had the opportunity to write a little bit about that very thing for the Billy Graham Center’s Evangel – Vision Blog!

You can click here to get over to it directly on Evangel-Vision!  Or, you can simply read it below!

Jumping In with Both Feet!

Originally Posted on Evangel-Vision 10/2/13, copyright 2013, Wendie Connors

isaiah 43 7

I’m pretty sure God gave me the coolest mission field on Earth.

I know, I know.  Some of you have been called to amazing, faraway places to be His beautiful hands and feet, sharing the gospel with untold numbers of people all over the world.

But me?  No passport needed, my friends.  I got the granddaddy calling of them all:  my friends, family, and neighbors.

“What?”  You might ask quizzically.  “We are ALL called to share the gospel with the people we love. Aren’t we?”

Yep.  We are.  So why do so many of us run in the other direction when faced with evangelizing with people we KNOW?!

Because we’re scared.

We’re afraid they’ll laugh.

Maybe they’ll make fun of us.

OR worse yet, they’ll kick us off the friendship island we so securely cling to down into the cold, off-shore waters to float away, rejected and alone.

I know these fears well.  Four years ago, I plunged into those waters with both feet.  I nervously invited eight beautiful women I desperately wanted to ignite with the fire of Jesus to join me in Bible study.  We continued to meet for several years, learning more and more about God, the Bible, and how to grow deeper into a personal relationship with Jesus throughout it all.  We were quite a nice, comfortable small group!

And then, last year, I felt God place small, but very powerful, phrase on my heart:  “I want a viral revival of my daughters.  I want them ALL back.  Every last one.” 

And with that, my small, but mighty ministry – Stringing Pearls with Wendie – was born.

I sit here, just one year later, with now over 60 local women participating in in-home Bible studies on a weekly basis (many of whom had never attended Bible study before)!  Over 300 people each week read our ministry blog ( for practical ideas on applying scripture to everyday life, to pray earnestly for one another, and to learn how to share Jesus with their own friends and family members – easily and organically, from the heart.

God is good.  God is FAITHFUL.  God knows what He’s doing.  And He has already equipped you to do your part.

The number one question I get from people wanting to know about how to share the gospel with non-believers is this:  How do you do it without sounding fake?

My answer:  I just act like me and let God do the rest.

That’s the key.

For me, it has to be organic.  It has to be real.  It cannot be forced.  Otherwise, it will quickly be perceived as disingenuous and contrived.   Like everything else in this life, it is all about HIS timing, not ours.

It’s a personal relationship we have with Him, therefore it needs to be shared personally in ways each person is wired to hear!

For me, it means using the gifts God gave me of creativity, joy, party planning(!), and storytelling and turning them into God-appointed opportunities for writing, teaching, socializing, and speaking so I can personally share the glorious Gospel with those I come into contact.

You can do it too!  Spend some quality time asking Him where YOUR mission field lies and for Him to grow the strengths and skills you need to do the job He designed you to do!

Just be YOU and ignite those around you in doing so.

Be His hands and feet by being your normal self.  Love people!  Enjoy life in community.  Share experiences. Be authentic.  Throw your head back and laugh when your joy cannot be contained; cry big tears when sorrow comes.  (And yes, that means you may have to admit that sometimes you get confused, frustrated, angry, and sad, too.)

Be the person who can talk about things like: the multi-tasking genius it takes to juggle carpool with a job outside the home; the confusion of taking care of your parents when you still have children at home; and the crazy, culinary skills it took to make the latest recipe you found online.

Quote scripture if it feels natural.  Say “somewhere it is written” when you don’t remember where it’s from!

Share an impromptu dinner with new neighbors over a good glass of wine.  Giggle over a funny movie you recently watched.  Share a lesson from Sunday school that relates to your conversation.  Lend out the latest book you read.  Send a note of encouragement to someone who is struggling.  Invite them to church with you, if it feels right.

Sharing Christ doesn’t mean that every single chat you have (or online communication you engage in) has to have a Bible verse or a perfect, Godly answer attached.

isaiah 43 10

Sharing Christ does mean admitting that, while you don’t have all the answers, you know the One who DOES, and you want everyone else to know Him, too.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a glorious weekend!



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  1. Thanks ole Cheshire cat grin and a loud AMEN!
    Somewhere it is written….. (Matthew maybe)….”You’re here to be light, bring out the God colors in the world.”
    Thanks for continuing to bringing His light to the world in full spectrum living color.
    God’s light is on fire in our community and I am so blessed to feel the warmth of His love radiating from it.
    Love ya! Shine on sister friend!

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