WAY Better than a Hallmark Commercial!


Are you a happy, sappy, television commercial crier like me?

C’mon.  You totally know what I’m talking about.  The Skype commercial with the dad who is a traveling salesman (I’m sniffling…).  The soldier showing up at her daughter’s prom (okay, the waterworks have begun).  And let us NOT forget the mom who packs peanut butter in her daughter’s college care package (well, unless your daughter is allergic to peanuts and then you’re crying anyway, for a way different reason…)!

Oh, I SO hope you have an affinity for the emotional tug of marketing, because today I have a superb specimen of a commercial to share with you that I just bet will make you blubber!

Are ya’ll ready for this:

I KNOW, right?!  (I said that just for you, Linda D.!)

Tear jerker city!

So.  I googled this thing left and right and I found out that this “Dr. Prajak Arunthong” is somewhat of a Thai urban legend, if you will.  He doesn’t actually exist – at least not with that name that I could find.  But man, what a great story line, with an awesome spiritual lesson built right in:

Do what you can do, when you can do it.  Because you never know who’s watching, who’s on the receiving end, AND what blessing might come back your way as a result of your obedience to the call.

With that said, it isn’t always about “you” and what “you are going to get out of it”.  Sure, this story had a feel good ending that was karma-ish in nature.  We all like to believe that what comes around goes around – both good and bad, don’t we?

Truth is – God isn’t in the business of tit-for-tat.  He’s in the business of “taking care of business for the good of His kingdom”.

And when we participate in THAT, well, no “karma” in the world can out-bless what He has in store for us.

You know what I love the best about that?  When we do something as simple as providing a meal or medicine or even a hug to someone in need, it may not even be about the person on the receiving end of the blessing. 

For who knows how the people witnessing how we serve will be changed?! 


And maybe THAT is why we are called to serve. Not for us.  Not for the person being served.  But for those who stand in witness of the serving process and for the glory of the One who put us here to do it.

I wonder if God would’ve liked this commercial a bit better if our hero, Dr. Arunthong, had never signed the letter.  Because, really, it isn’t about the accolades.  It’s just about doing it for the LOVE of others and the GLORY of God.

Regardless, I’m still kinda in love with the probably fictional “Dr. Prajak Arunthong” for paying forward what was given to “him” 30 years prior so that all of us sappy, happy criers who witnessed this little piece of Hollywood magic would keep the love chain goin’.

Happy Morning Glory Monday, sweet friends.  Pay it forward today!

Peace, love and MORNING GLORY!!!


Up Thursday:  Be Careful What You Treasure!


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  1. OK, seriously? Should have watched that after I went to the gym cause now I look like a lunatic with red-rimmed eyes at Body Pump! Wendie you always know how to get us going. Thanks for the amazing video and post to start off our week!

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