Be. More. Awesome. (Or…How to #BeAParty)


Ever had one of those days where you just need a really good giggle?  You know, just a full-on, silly fit of chortles at something that is so funny you cannot help but laugh?  I was having one of those days myself last week and somehow managed to stumble onto this video (I totally triple dog dare you to watch it without even a CRACK of a smile! And it is SO worth the 15 second ad you have to endure before the video starts – I promise!):

Oh. My. GOODNESS.  I cannot take that boy!  Kid President just might be the cutest thing ever!  (Yeah, I know.  I seem to be saying that a lot around here lately, don’t I?!)

Other than just being a really great stress reliever through laughter, I think this video has a number of pretty cool nuggets of spiritual wisdom, don’t you?  For instance:

  • “If you don’t have no money, don’t spend it.”  (Are you listening, US Government?!)  Wise words, indeed, sweet boy!  Living beyond your means hardly ever turns out well.  We’d be a lot less stressed in this country if we just remembered that!
  • I’m SO not commenting on Kid President’s segment on “foreign policy”.  Ahem.
  • “Stop making the internet so sad.  Stop making TV so sad.”  I agree, Kid!  We need to be careful what we watch, sister friends.  Guard your minds and fill it NOURISHING material.  What we “see” often dictates our moods and our perceptions of reality.  There are plenty of wonderful places to get your fill of inspiring and uplifting material online (not the least of which is right here at Stringing Pearls with Wendie…hee hee!).  You can google “inspiration” on the web and come up with millions (literally!) of sites!  One of my recent finds is Mayslake Ministries YouTube channel!  They have these cool, two-to-three minute video clips where you can find a quick dose of inspiration at any time during your day!  And, as you might imagine judging from the silly video above, SoulPancake’s YouTube channel is my newfound favorite!  They can turn my frown upside down in about 10 seconds flat!   What are YOU watching these days that refreshes YOUR spirit?
  •  “Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you’re all grown up.  You can be a grown up and still act like a baby.”  Ouch, Kiddo.  That one hurt.  But you’ve got a great point!  We’ve been brought to this time and place in this life through experiences that God wants us to use to GROW, not regress.  I’m going to be intentional today to not let circumstances throw me back into a childish temper tantrum or into a weeping, fetal position!  The Lord IS my strong tower and to Him I will cling, knowing that, through the renewing of my mind, I do not need to revert to old patterns of reacting anymore!
  • “Everyday when you wake up, you have a chance to be a PARTY.”  Um, yeah.  This is totally my favorite one.  If I were ever to get a tattoo, I think that would be the awesome phrase I’d use!  Becauses really, who doesn’t want to be a party?!  (Kinda sound a little like this:  “A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face!” Proverbs 15:13a.)  Be the Party, sister friends!  Doesn’t mean you have to literally throw a bash or always be the Belle of the Ball, just simply share the joy!  As Kid says, “…gimme a reason to dance!”

heart tattoo

“The only way to make the world better is for grown-ups to bemoreawesome.” Kid President

Yeah.  I totally agree, Kiddo.  So my triple dog dare this Monday Morning Glory is for all you grow- ups out there is to find one way today to Be.More.Awesome.  Like Kid, I believe in you.  Totally.

Up Thursday:  What I Learned from Sorority Life (and it still applies today!)




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  1. Wendie, this was too funny! Lori has to make sure all the boys watch his video! I so could see Mr. William writing a script like this! Be More Awesome! Just what I needed on a Monday! 😉

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