You Did it For ME…Being the Hands and Feet of a Glorious God


This might very well be my favorite Monday Morning Glory video yet!  I’ve been saving it for “such a time as this”, as we are drawing near to the end of our Fall 2013 “I Made You Glorious” series (don’t worry, we still have one more week to go!) and I thought we needed something super special today!  Grab a Kleenex and read on, sweet friends!

 Matthew 25 40

Let’s be clear here.  When he said this, Jesus didn’t exactly mean in it the same way we might say that to our kids.  You know, “Now c’mon.  Go be nice to Johnny.  Do it for me…!”.  Nope!  He was FAR more literal in His meaning here!

Jesus meant it as…

  • When you were nice to little Johnny next door, you were nice to ME.
  • When you tied your child’s little shoes 12 times today, you tied MY shoes.
  • When you fed that homeless person at the shelter, you fed ME.
  • When you helped that client at the office solve a situation with peace, you helped ME.
  • When you ministered to that sweet elderly couple at the assisted living home with kindness and dignity, you ministered to ME.

He asks us to be His hands and feet here on earth – not only for the people we serve, but also because we are serving HIM in doing so.  And I just love it when I get to do that, don’t you?

Check out this beautiful, touching, wonderful video of something called Validation Therapy and how it transforms, even if just for a moment, the life of a person with Alzheimer’s Disease.  I’d try to explain to you, but I think the clip will explain it far better than I could in words (the best part is about at 4:59…):

Isn’t that stunningly gorgeous?  What a gift  Naomi offers to Gladys!  Acknowledging her.  Comforting her.  Loving her.  Gifting her with dignity through grace and the glory of God.  Ministering to her, and in turn, effectively serving Jesus as He, Himself, repeatedly served others when He walked this earth.

THAT is what it means to be His hands and feet.  And – oh my gosh – I so want to be a part of that party, sister friends! I’m making it my business today to go about doing Kingdom business.  Why don’t you join me?!

Make it a great and glorious day!  See you back here on Thursday!

Peace, love, and Monday Morning Glory!!


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  1. Wendie, this is an awesome post! Micah 6:8 has been following me around with a forceful presence the last two weeks. Naomi lives the message Micah brought… SEEK JUSTICE, LOVE MERCY, WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂
    I have yet to figure out what God is trying to tell me but Micah 6:8 has literally come across my radar every other day for two weeks!

    • I love the Message translation where it says “Don’t take yourself too seriously – take God seriously”! I need to remember that! Love that He’s talking to you and you’re listening. He’ll make it known to you soon, I’m sure of it! See you tomorrow!

  2. This was a great story. What an amazing woman to give so much, reminding us all that we can impact others in our lives in the simplest of ways. How powerful love and touch are. Thanks for sharing Jesus’ love with us and reminding us all to love all those around us as Jesus would.

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