Take Good Care of Yourself…And Remember You ARE Amazing!


I’m changin’ things up, my friends!  Instead of a Morning Glory Monday, we’re going to have a Morning Glory Thursday this week!  (I know, I’m getting crazy…!)  Today, I’ve got something else in mind to say.  And I can do that.  Because it’s my blog and I can do what I want to…hee hee!

Today, let’s focus on the last two chapters of our glorious book, You’re Already Amazing!  Can you fathom that’s where we are?!  The end of the study?  I’m so proud of you for sticking with it and finishing strong – WAY TO GO!  And these two chapters do a fabulous job of summing every up – starting with Holley explaining why it’s MORE than okay to take care of ourselves!

Already amazing book cover

Speaking of take care of ourselves, let me share with you that I have Lupus (which is shortened way of saying Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).  It’s an autoimmune disease and it affects people who have it in vastly different ways.  Basically, if you have it, your immune system sees your body’s own organ systems as intruders and tries, in various ways, to get rid of them.  The result, as you can probably imagine, is bodily chaos.

I consider myself somewhat lucky because I have a mild form of Lupus.  Only a couple of my organ systems are involved and I can manage it mostly with medicine and rest.  The “rest” piece of the treatment is especially important for me when the disease is very active (this is called a “flare period”).  But when I say “rest”, I’m not just talking about a “catnap” here or an “afternoon off” there. For me, when I’m in a flare, “rest” equates to several days of A LOT of sleep – sometimes as many as 18 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

I don’t tell you that to ask you to feel sorry for me OR to make you think I’m weird!  It’s just fact.  And because of all this, I’ve had to learn (and rather begrudgingly, I should add…) that I need to physically take care of myself in order to be able to do the things God has put me here to do. I have to REST.

But I’m wondering if maybe you’re like me and you don’t LIKE to slow down (“…but if I don’t do ‘it’, ‘it’ will never get done”).  Maybe you don’t think you deserve to rest (“…but Susie manages just fine – I need people to think I’m as capable as she is”).  Maybe you feel bad and like it’s selfish  (“…everyone is tired; I just need to suck it up and do my part, too”).  Sounding familiar?

The thing is, though, God did not create robots with unlimited levels of energy and the ability to do all things, all the time. He created human beings, in His likeness, with a wide variety of abilities, strengths, and yeah – even weaknesses.

And if we don’t take care of the treasure He made us to be, who will?  And if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will take care of all we were given to care for?

Elle and Ted I will give you rest

Food for thought, isn’t it? Taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s spiritual.  From the angel ministering to Elijah in the desert (See 1 Kings 19) to Jesus, himself, taking time to himself to pray, rest, and recharge, we are given the assurance through scripture that taking care of our bodies, minds, and spirits is essential to completing the call God placed on our lives.

Yes.  There is a reason you are here.  You’ve heard me say it a million times over – YOU ARE HERE FOR SUCH A TIME AND PLACE AS THIS.  Regardless of where and when it is.  Regardless of whether you understand it right now or not.  He’s got it under control!

Whatever is happening, God didn’t wake up today and say, “Whoops.  Wasn’t expecting her to do THAT or be THERE today.  Shoot.  Now what’ll I do?” Nope.  Quite the opposite, sweet girls.  He knew.  He KNOWS.

You were put here and now for THIS and MORE

If you woke up breathing today, He has MORE in store for you.  MORE to experience, MORE to do, MORE to give, and MORE to receive.  And He knows what He is doing and how He wants to get you there.  But He needs you to be a healthy, ready, and willing participant!

You may look at where you are, what you do, and with whom you do it as insignificant, and sometimes feel you were made for “more than THIS”.

Or, maybe you think what you are doing is more important than what God has made you do and so you think you were made for “more than THAT”.

I don’t know any other way to say this, sisters:  God knows better than you do.  Period.

So yeah, you’re actually right.  Because you were indeed made for “more than this” AND “more than that”.

You were made for Kingdom business, and there is no business more significant on either side of heaven than that.

“Out of all of history, God chose this time for you to be on earth.  He knew the exact second you would enter this world with a cry and change it forever.  In between the laundry, the endless trips to the office, the mundane parts of being human, we can forget that we’re part of a bigger story, a greater plan.”  Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing, copyrights 2012.

So go out and live it.  Every second.  Remember to take care of the treasure you are so you can take the starring role in the part He lovingly created just for you.

jeremiah 31 3

You are amazing.  Already.  Believe it.  Live it.  Love it.  Because He loves you just as you are.

Peace, LOVE, and joy!


Up Thursday:  An Hommage to the Bible Babes of Stringing Pearls with Wendie!


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  1. So glad you wrote this! I am NOT the energizer bunny and I love knowing when I need to rest. I will not longer feel guilty when I want to tuck myself in early!

  2. This is what I needed to read today. Thank you. I do have to remind myself to take care of myself and I do wonder why God has given me the challenges he has. It was good for me to read that others have the same challenge.

    • We are all on the same team (the humanity team!) and we all experience much of the same thing. It is so comforting that God placed us here, in each others’ paths, for such a time as this! Bless you, girl!

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