The Antidote for Crazy, Control Freaks


I have a tendency to want to do things my way. Like, all the time. On a good day, you might say I’m just a quirky, micro-manager. On a bad day, well, I don’t think I want to know what you’d say about me.

I get all caught up in keeping control of “the situation”, thinking I know the best way to do things, handle things, say things…you get the picture. And the more stressed and the busier I get, the bigger control freak and the more defensive I become.

Try to give me advice? Forget about it. Offer to help? I don’t think so, thank you very much. Remind me to “let go and let God”? Let’s say you just better run for the hills if you offer up that gem.

I get ahold of the reins and I don’t let go. I pull those reins tighter and harder until…you guessed it; I get bucked off the horse, rubbing the knot on my head wondering where it all went wrong.

Sounding at all familiar? Thought so.

We can be a prideful people, disguising it all under the headings of productivity, industriousness, and results-oriented living. But strip away the disguise and what it really amounts to is: the fear of failure; the fear of being seen as who you really are; and the fear of losing control.

Psalm 127

What if we really learned and applied the message of these verses? What if we could/would honestly ask God into every area of our life (home, work, community, and spirit life) and let Him show us HIS way?

Would our perception of success look different? Yeah. I am quite sure it would.

Maybe our foundations would feel firmer. Maybe our rest would feel more refreshing. Maybe our faith would feel more, well, real.

Maybe we would be stronger, less fatigued, happier, more humble, less filled with pride and insecurity.

 humility does not equal humiliation


Instead, humility means accepting God’s Way over my way. God’s Unchanging Truth over the world’s volatility. The Bedrock of Salvation over the trappings of a shiny, empty promise.

So how do we get there? How do we learn the process of letting go, stepping out in faith, walking on water? We listen to God’s Word, taking it in however and whenever we can, trusting that it is already tilling the soil of our spirits and taking root in our hearts. We take moments of our day to slow it down to hear what He would have us know, to tell Him our heartaches and heart desires, to bless Him and to be blessed back. To let go of the reins wound so tightly around our fingers and place them back in the Only Hands who could ever steer that horse straight in the first place.

It took a lot of practice for us to learn to hold those reins so tightly. It’s going to take some practice to learn to give them up, too. Let’s do this together.

If you are interested in joining me, click here for some additional scripture and words on how to seek God’s voice in your life. I’ll be praying for you, knowing that he is waiting there for each of us who are looking to Him with sincere hearts!

For all of you setting out on Spring break this weekend, I pray protection and blessings over you, asking God to shower you will joy and great moments of memory making! Happy Trails – remember not to hold those reins too tightly!

Give yourself a moment of rest today and watch this glorious video of Hillsong United preforming “Ocean”.


Peace, Love, and JOY!

Up Next Week: A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ from the Archives!

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