Palm of His Hand Protection!


“You notice everything I do and everywhere I go. Before I even speak a word, you know what I will say, and with your powerful arm you protect me from every side. I can’t understand all of this! Such wonderful knowledge is far above me.” Psalm 139: 3-6, CEV.

“Swing-swat. Swing-swat!” I watched their dear faces staring into each other as they were singing and swinging on my sister momma’s front porch. Ella was just three years old and we were at Nancy’s on a hot summer day, chatting on the porch, my daughter and my dear friend on the porch swing, and all of us drinking Orangina soda right out of the bottle! It was a magical summer afternoon!

porch swing spww

Like any typical three year old, little Elle was trying very hard to get the porch swing to go as high as she could make it go! Nancy, on the other hand, was trying to keep her calm and at a much more reasonable porch-swing level!

“Now, Ellie, you better slow down a little! You don’t want to fall off the swing, do you?” Nancy asked with a sly smile.

“Miss Nancy! Don’t be silly! If I fall, Momma will catch me,” was Elle’s sweet response.

There is clearly a reason Jesus talks about having the faith of a child! In that moment, Elle had NO DOUBT that she was fully safe, loved, and protected. I want to live my life with THAT kind of faith, don’t you – knowing that if I fall, He will be there to pick me up?! He KNOWS what is going to happen and He is GOING to pick you up!

“He knew all along ‘that’ was going to happen. AND, He also knows perfectly well how to work your bad stuff into good stuff in the end! But in order for that to happen, we have to take whatever “it” is to Him, give “it” to Him, and accept how He works “it” out. WAY easier said than done a lot of the time, I know. But the key to peace IN the trial is trusting God.” Wendie Connors, The KISS, page 65.

hold you in the palm of his hand

Trust Him. He knows and He is ready.

(This excerpt is taken from my book, Daily Smooches!)

Hope you are having a great week!  Up next week:  Continuing Through the Psalms of Ascent!

Here’s a little music video from our RISE 2014 Playlist, “Pray” by Sanctus Real!  Enjoy:

Pray by Sanctus Real

Peace, love, and JOY!



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  1. Thanks again for pointing our attention to the truth of God’s mercy!
    Love this week’s song! I thought it was last week’s song so it has already been on repeat in the truck. So much for figuring out the song of the week! :-\
    Happy spring break to all of us on this rainy gray day…… For some reason I have an I image of a lighthouse burning brightly in my head. Lead me on! 🙂

  2. Wendie, what a precious memory of the three of us that day. What a great reminder that we always have a Savior, Protector, and Catcher! Thank you sweet friend. Mumu

  3. Funny story. God story. I did an image search for the perfect graphic to capture a particular sentiment which led me to this post on your page. Not only was your “Palm of His Hand” graphic exactly what I was looking for but…my name is also Wendie (WITH AN “IE”!) and the date of your post is my birthday. I don’t believe in coincidence but I do believe in confirmation. ❤ Nice to meet you, Wendie! I look forward to spending more time reading your blog.

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