My Daddy and My Daddio


My dad is so cute. You’d love him if you met him. He’s a private kind of guy, tho, so I’m not posting his picture or giving you much info on him. You’re just going to have to take my word on it!  But I bring him up today for a reason.


Gallery display - vintage gold frames on an old timber wall and red sofa

When I was growing up, he was a lot of bark, a little bite, AND a whole lotta love. Now, he’s mostly love (but don’t tell him I said that – he likes to think he’s still got the bark and bite thing goin’ on…)! He’s a funny, vibrant, smart, and quick witted guy – I just adore that man!

I’ve been thinking about him so much this week as we begin to wrap up our series on the Psalms of the Ascent. Not because he’s particularly into this current Beth Moore series we’re doing here or anything like that. I mean, he reads the blog, tells me I’m awesome, and all that (thanks, Daddio!). But I think it’s fair to say, he ain’t reading “Beth” with us!

The thing is, I’ve actually been reminded of him repeatedly this week because of the “bridge” we are taking into our final section of the Psalms of the Ascent on God’s BLESSING.

Let me be clear: I’m lucky. Like, super lucky. See, I have an earthly father who believes in Jesus and loves Our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and has sort of made it his life mission to emulate God’s penchant for blessings those he loves. I know many of you may not have that same experience with your own dad and if that’s the case for you, I pray God has ministered to you in ways that go extravagantly far beyond what a human being can possibly do. I pray for male influences in and on your life that replace any hard places in which your own father may have left you. Your Heavenly Daddy, your Abba, adores every little inch of you, I promise.

But me? I’m one of the lucky ones to have a rock star “daddio” here and I know it. And as I read and re-read the second half of Psalm 132 this week, I couldn’t help but smile!

Whenever my dad gifts us with something unexpected, as soon as we say “thank you”, he smiles and says something like, “Enjoy it! I’m just blessing you with your own inheritance!”

Regardless of whether he’s kidding or not (and only he knows for sure…!), how like God’s own words in Psalms 132:

I will bless you with abundant provisions;
I will satisfy you with food.
I will clothe you with salvation,
and you will ever sing for joy. Psalm 132:15-16

In other words:

scene on a farmers market in autumn

God is calling us to enjoy our inheritance. And as believers in Christ, we can partake in the blessings of His lavish love and abundance even on this side of heaven.

Regardless of outward and earthly circumstance, we are blessed both here – and even better – in heaven. Look no further than the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes to assure yourself that Jesus promises us a blessed inheritance.

Gallery display - vintage gold frames on an old timber wall and red sofa

Care-full care.

Lavish blessing.

Abundant love.


That’s MY God. And that’s OUR inheritance.

Thanks, Daddy (Abba), for such extravagant blessing.

And thank you, Daddio (my daddy), for showing me the earthly illustration. I love you more than I know how to say.

I am so darn excited to walk these last two and a half steps up to the Nicanor Gate with you, sweet friends, and just bask in the glory and blessing of a trip well-traveled. You’ve been excellent travel partners and shot-gun sister friends! (I mean that in the road trip terminology, BTW – no guns here.)

Finish the ascent strongly, my sweets. We’re almost there. And the view from the top is going to be spectacular!

Enjoy a little soulful tune today: “Help Me Find It”, by Sidewalk Prophets (oooh, I LOVE these guys!):

Peace, love, and JOY,


Up next week: God Bless YOU


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  1. LOVE!! Feel very blessed to have an awesome earthly father like you and awesome heavenly Father like everyone! 🙂

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