Work in Progress! (…change looks SO good on you!)


Sometimes I want to bypass all the growing pains and the work it takes to change. I want the process to be full of peace and the road easy to travel. I want to smile through it all and when everything is said and done, look back with fond memories of it all and say, “I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!”

Truth is, real change isn’t always like that. Rising up to the challenges life sends our way (and finding our way out the other side) takes time, patience, and a whole lot of endurance.

Yes; sometimes, we come through it relatively unscathed with a pocketful of wisdom to share with one another from our own experiences.

But sometimes…whew.

Sometimes, it just takes every bit of strength and grace and mercy God sends our way to crawl our way up out of the pit.

Yes. Life is a journey. And that journey can be rocky, I know – I KNOW. But girls, it is SO nice to walk it together. And I’m so glad we walked these last 16 weeks with one another!

Brand new looks good on you


We’ve made it to the end of our 15 Psalms of Ascent! Can you believe it?! We started way back in January with Psalm 120 (remember being between a rock and a hard place?)! I am so proud of all of you for sticking with it, walking the walk, and going face down so we could RISE up!

What a whirlwind of 16 weeks! We kept on RISE(ing) through it all, revering God, intentionally thanking Him regardless of our circumstances, and we learned how to seek His voice. And now, our reward for this journey is the Hallelujah chorus of Psalm 134 so that we can experience His peace and blessing!

Blessed peace is the very thing we as human beings seek with all our hearts. It is the state of equilibrium when we KNOW, that we KNOW, that we KNOW everything is the way it should be. It is contentment at its best!

Peace, as defined by God, is NOT the absence of chaos or difficulty . It’s the knowledge that everything is going to be alright – it already IS alright – because of Jesus. It’s the faith that, regardless of circumstances, we are in need of nothing as long as we have Jesus.

phil 4-7

Remember that what we’ve been seeking is contentment in our daily life regardless of circumstances. Not resignation, not complacency, not sour grapes, not even a Polly Anna attitude of happiness because we are oblivious to hardship. We want true, Saint Paul contentment –that state of being which brings faith, joy, and hope because we are armed with the knowledge that we honestly have what we need and that everything is alright!

phil 4-6

If we have been following Paul’s example and learning to RISE up, we should be a lot closer to experiencing God’s peace through His constant presence in our lives. We need to continually go through the R-I-S (Revere Him, Intentionally Thank Him, and Seek Him) to solidify our faith and instill us with peace.

We are a work in progress, constantly learning along the journey. It takes effort, faith, and a willingness to try. Most importantly, in order for us to experience peace, we need to experience God.

You will forget your trouble and remember it only as water gone by. Your life will be as bright as the noonday sun, and darkness will seem like morning. You will feel safe because there is hope; you will look around and rest in safety. Job 11:15-18, NCV

Mmmmm. I think that sounds like heaven. What about you??

RISE UP, sister friends.  It’s worth the knocks, bumps, bruises, and scrapes along the road.  I promise.

I hope you stick with me this summer because we are serving up another summer session of PURE JOY! Check out our logo:


Pure Joy 2014 Umbrella Logo

So cute, right?! The scoop on the summer session will be up and running right here next week on the blog. Lots of FUN stuff coming your way – I guarantee it!

Well. Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Psalms of the Ascent (hee hee!), there is no doubt you’re changed because of it. So what are you going to do about?

Are you going to walk away from this study of ours saying, “That was a great study!” and just move onto the next thing on your list without sowing the seed? Or are you going to KEEP APPLYING what we’ve learned about peace, love, joy, hope, and blessing to your path here on earth? I hope it’s the latter – cuz sister friend, you’ve changed – and it looks SO good on you:



Love you loads!


Up Next Week: Pure Joy 2014: THE REMIX!!!


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  1. I have gotten better at appreciating my challenges, better at asking his advice, but still struggle with waiting to see if the change that is coming is what I hope for. So, I need to be more accepting of God’s timeline. I am working on it!

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