Pure Joy 2014: THE REMIX!!!!! (Yep. It’s back and better than ever!)


Yep. It’s baaaaack!

Pure Joy 2014 Umbrella Logo

Last summer, our 2013 Pure Joy series was so successful and SO JOYOUS, we just had to do it again! So this summer, we’re calling it: Pure Joy 2014: The REMIX! And I just LOVE it!

In case you are new to our blog and our ministry, let me get you caught up!

Pure Joy is our amazing, laid back, summer Bible study and sister friend fellowship program! We take one book per month and read it on our own! You can read it at your own pace, whenever you get some time – at the beach, at the pool, waiting in the parking lot to pick your kids up from this activity or that (yea, I got that goin’ on, too), etc.! We also have a playlist of great music to keep things light and upbeat this summer (more on this in a moment!).

This summer, we’re reading:
JUNE: Everyday a Friday, Joel Osteen
JULY: Notes from a Blue Bike, Tsh Oxenreider
AUGUST: Happier at Home, Gretchen Rubin

Also, each week here on the blog, we’ll give you a new verse from scripture that supports what we’re reading. I’ll write a little devotion about the scripture and we all try to memorize the verse, helping to incorporate God’s word a little deeper into our spirits! (More on this in a sec…!)

Once per month, we gather together for DINNER – al fresco style – at the homes of some of our sister friends who are gracious enough to host us!!! We experience awesome fellowship, enjoy amazing food and drinks, hear a little teaching, and talk about the book! Oh, and did I mention it’s all super FUN?! Here’s a glimpse at one of last year’s dinners (told you it’s fun…)!

Fiesta Pic 4

And you don’t have to live in our area to gather! We encourage you – wherever you are – to grab some friends and share a meal! We’ll have party ideas, recipes, and giveaway ideas here for you to spark some creativity of your own! The dates we are gathering are June 17th, July 15th, and August 14th.

If you are local and on our email list, you will be getting an Evite to the dinners about 3 weeks before the date with all the great deets! The cool thing about the Evites is that you can invite whoever you want to join us! We’re a pretty inclusive crew!

The idea of Pure Joy is twofold: one, to keep ourselves engaged with GOD over the summer in a summer attitude kind of way while our regular Bible study sessions are on hiatus; and two, to reach out to friends and family that may not be in a regular Bible study so you can share your love of God and His living word with them in casual, laid back, excitingly fun ways! You go at your own pace; read as much or as little as is fitting with your schedule; gather on dates that work for you; and grow a little bit each day with Jesus in the process.

Sound good? Oooooooh, I hope you said yes! Some of you “local yocals” will be receiving a pretty cool parcel on your door steps within the next few days, outlining the specific details of Pure Joy 2014: The REMIX! If you have been in a Stringing Pearls with Wendie Bible study in the last two years or participated in Pure Joy 2013, you’ll be getting one delivered straight to you!

Here is what you should be on the look out for:

Hat Picture

I know. It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. Everything you need for a successful Pure Joy 2014 experience is tucked inside this sweet hat o’ joy!

Now, if are not local or have not participated with us before, we are not leaving you out of the FUN! Here is what YOU can do! Connect to this link to download PDFs of almost everything in the hat! It has the intro letter, the reading list, the tune list*, the scripture card for the entire series, and photos of ways to display your scripture cards, like this:

Burlap Ribbon with Scripture Cards

With the scripture cards, we are hoping that you will grab the card that corresponds to the week we are in and display it somehow in your house where it is easily read by you at least once a day! We want you to SAY IT and PRAY IT! In other words, speak those words out loud! And then, intentionally repeat it to yourself as often as you like. Pray it over yourself, your family, or someone you think could use it. Ask God to reveal to you what He’s trying to say to your spirit through that scripture.

Make it personal and make it your own! Scripture changes you from the inside out – in the best ways possible!

One thing in the hat that is not downloadable is something that just makes me GIGGLE: a car magnet with our logo on it! I love tootling around town seeing Pure Joy popped right there onto the back of SUVs, mini-vans, and sedans! AND, we have a limited number of car magnets left over! So…if you want one, be sure to email me (wendieconnors@gmail.com) and I will get that out to you via snail mail ASAP! First come, first serve, sister friends!

Car Magnet FINAL

PURE JOY 2014: The REMIX blogs will begin on Monday, June 2nd and a new one will be posted each Monday through August 25th! Thirteen weeks of joy and fabulousness delivered right to your inbox – as long as you have signed up to follow the blog! If you haven’t signed up to follow the blog, just click that little button up there on the right that says, “Follow Blog Via Email”, enter your email address, and then follow the directions that will be sent to you to confirm your subscription.

Well there you have it. Everything you need to be in the REMIX this summer! Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send ‘em on over to me. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! I’ll see you back here on June 2nd for our first blog of the series!

Peace, love, and a WHOLE lotta joy!


Up Next Week: A Reblog of our most popular blog of Pure Joy 2013!

*Disclaimer on songs: PLEASE NOTE THAT several secular songs are included, so be aware that some lyrics may possibly offend sensitive ears…we apologize in advance for any unintentional distress. Always download CLEAN versions!


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  1. Just ordered my books and read a 2 chapter sample from “Notes from a Blue Bike”. I love it already! Can’t wait for them to arrive!!!
    Is it wrong I have a countdown app ticking the time away until the first Joy dinner???!!!
    Love how you bring it all together on one plate! Food, fun, fellowship and FAITH! Oh, music and reading too…..hmmm….forte and fonts?!

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