Today is the BEST Day EVER! (and so is tomorrow, and the next day…)


 Psalm 118-24

You all know I LOVE a really good microphone. Always have – always will. Put a “mike” in my hand, or slap one on my lapel, and well, you best be ready to hear my voice for a spell.

I’ve always been this way. Started in grade school when I got my first taste of the joys of being on stage when I sang the theme song of Winnie the Pooh…into a microphone. Yep, I have it BAD for a mike.

In middle school, I was part of a glee club type thing called Up With People, Junior. We sang all sorts of show tunes and traveled around to local places entertaining everyone from senior citizens to country club members. I loved it! Not only for the microphones, but for the upbeat songs and the feel-good vibes they gave off.

My FAVORITE song of all was called “The Best Time of Your Life”. It was written by the Sherman brothers way back in the 1950s and originally was the theme music set to a ride in Tomorrowland at the Disney parks (does anyone do “Happy” better than Disney?!).

The lyrics still run through my head from time to time and they immediately sprang to mind when I was thinking about our scripture this week! Here they are:

Now is the time. Now is the best time.
Now is the best time of your life.
Life is a prize, live every minute.
Open your eyes and watch how you win it!
Yesterday’s memories may sparkle and gleam,
tomorrow is still but a dream.
Right here and now, you’ve got it made.
The world’s forward marching and you’re in the parade!
Now is the time. Now is the best time.
Be it a time of joy or strife.
There’s so much to cheer for, be glad you’re here.
For it’s the best time of your life.

Sweet friends, today IS a good day. See, we can’t “hold” on to time – we can’t store it up in a jar or even lock it up in a vault. We cannot manipulate it with some sort of Orwellian remote control that would allow us to go backward to relive the good old days or catapult us forward through dry valleys today in order to the good times we pray still await us.

Celebrate today

I love to imagine that the last couple words of our scripture this week (you know, the part that says, “let us rejoice and be glad today”) are a blatant invitation from the Psalmist to stop and “smell the roses” – TODAY.

Sure, I encourage you to enjoy the big stuff and successes that come your way, but don’t miss those little morsels of joy that are just sitting there waiting for you to notice them.

Like…the way the wind makes the lilac blossoms bounce on the bushes. The way the water shines on the tanned back of your child as she crashes into the pool with a swan dive. The smell of suntan lotion being sprayed on the kids on the softball fields. The sound of an old song you love being played a few cars up from you at traffic light. The intensity of a lightning bolt at night and the feeling of thunder’s reverberation rattling your storm screens. The scent of the rain on the fresh cut grass outside your window.

We have to take time (MAKE time) to do these things EVERY day, to combat the notion that we think we are all “too busy” to stop to smell anything, let alone roses.

Let’s take this week to remind ourselves to slow down and rejoice in today’s moments – big and small. Let’s also remind ourselves, if something unpleasant or difficult comes our way, to say, “If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I can still count it as a good day, because (insert a blessing here)…”

“This is the day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad!”, really translates as, “This is a God created day, not me created day. And since everything He creates is good, today is good. So I’m glad to be living it today.”

So when you are tempted to forget to celebrate a “today”, just imagine me, as my 6th grade self, standing right there in front of you, microphone in hand and animatedly singing:

baton girl wendie

Because if nothing else makes you giggle in the moment, I’m quite sure that will! 😉

(What’s that?  Oh, I’m sorry. Had I neglected to mention I also twirl baton???!!!  Hee hee…!)

What’s Pure Joy 2014 gal to do this week? Glad you asked!

  • Find (or print) our scripturecard) for this week (Psalm 118:24 NCV) and display it! AND don’t forget to Say It and Pray It!
  • Keep on reading Everyday a Friday by our good buddy, Joel Osteen!
  • Check back here on Friday of this week for a recap of our first Pure Joy dinner that’s happening TOMORROW!!!
  • Sit back, turn up your speakers, and get ready to get your super-duper-HAPPY on:

Peace, love, and PURE JOY!


Up Friday: A joyous photo montage of Pure Joy Dinner 1; up Monday: Seeing the big picture!


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  1. Oh how I needed this today after a long day trip for work! And that picture is Awe. Some. Oh my, Wendie! That is a hoot! Thanks for the giggle!!! So very many talents you have!

  2. Love the baton twirling Wendie picture. Beautiful smile and eyes sparkling! Thank you for the beautiful message. I just read the scripture and your message with my kiddos (yep Abby girl is in her jammies). Living fully in the gift of this moment…our motto for summer. Thank you for your beautiful, uplifting, meaningful, and timely messages. You are a gift my friend! Love you sister and can’t wait to see you tonight!

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