You Don’t Need Eyesight to Have Vision


proverbs 29-18

Of all my physical senses, I think I value my eyesight the most.    It’s how I learn best, how I can easily evaluate my surroundings, and how I determine my own safety. I am very blessed, I think, to be a person who can use her eyes for so many amazing things!

Recently, though, I discovered there’s a difference between seeing something, and having vision.

A few months ago, I developed a Lupus-related eye issue that required me to use some medication in my eyes that is the consistency of petroleum jelly (aka – Vaseline).  And when I’d place a dose of it in my eyes, I’d be unable to see anything but blobby looking shapes and shadows for a couple hours at a time.  AND I had to use it several times a day.  Which lead to a lot of waking hours of just seeing blobs throughout my days.

The first day or two, I couldn’t take more than a step or two without tripping over something or walking into things. No matter how many times I’d try to blink the blobs away, I still couldn’t see.  It was annoying and frustrating, to say the least.

But here’s the weird thing.  By the third or fourth day, I was getting the hang of a new way of moving around and “seeing”.  I could maneuver the stairs, work the television remote, figured out how to use the audio function on my online Bible, and learned how to record my thoughts using the memo function on my smart phone (gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “note to self…”)!

I even made meals, got dressed, and attempted to flat iron my hair (although someone DID inform me I missed a big chunk of my hair so I had a lovely frizzy patch on one side…!).  I relied on my hearing, my sense of touch, and even ingrained subtle memories of where things normally are in my house to get things done.  It’s amazing what your body stores in muscle memory and rote routine – you honestly would be astonished!

Sight does not equal vision

I’m not going to sugar coat it, though.  It was frustrating and maddening and, at times, depressing.  Even though I knew my blobby, blurry vision was just a temporary, 10-day experience, it was still a LONG 10 days.

But it DID give me a lot of something I tend to shy away from – TIME without much to “do”.  I couldn’t type.  I couldn’t get on Facebook.  I couldn’t drive.  I couldn’t read or even do my beloved weekend crossword puzzles.

And so, it gave me time to think.  Use my other senses to “see”.   It gave me time to pray.  And time to listen.

And it’s funny what you learn when you actually hear – like really hear – what someone (especially God) is saying to you.  Because you can’t distract yourself with busy work when you can’t see it.

You can’t get gussied all up, because you don’t have the visual acuity to change what’s in the mirror with flat irons and make-up.

You can’t ignore the issues of your spirit because there aren’t any visual stimuli to lure your brain into numbness.

And so you pay attention to a different kind of vision.  And all of a sudden, you remember how to see.

Only you see without your eyes:

You hear the evening news for the first time in months – really hearing the challenges and struggles of war-torn countries around the globe – including our own.  And you pray for peace – for all of us.

You wonder, for the first time in a long time, how your child has gotten so wise and socially conscious when she relishes in the time you give her to tell you about a cause near and dear to her heart.  And you pray for her and her wonderful convictions.

You cry out in sobs of revelation as you hear God’s word spoken to you from a baritone voice that reverberates into your soul from your computer.  And you pray in gratitude for it.

You rest in comfort as your husband holds your hand to lead you through the rooms of the house and up the stairs and tucks you into bed after a long day, because it’s too dark to attempt that on your own.  And you pray for the God-given blessing of him and his love.

You smile and giggle as your dogs rest their heads on your knees and feet as you sit on the deck and feel the early morning sun on your skin.  And you pray for creation.

You resolve to change the things that are coming up to the surface of your mind after years of being ignored because you were “too busy” to stop and notice them. And you pray for forgiveness.

You fall back in love with the Creator who loved you first so that you could, in turn, love others in His name.  And you pray blessings on Him.

And that’s when you start to SEE it.  That’s when you realize without Him, without faith, your life would be chaos.

Rainbow to Field of Poppies and Lupines ca. 2001 Gorman, California, USA

Faith is the food that vision needs to thrive – like MiracleGro for your soul.  This week, let’s unplug from the chaos and busyness and water our spirits with vision through faith!

The distractions of life today are creating chaos in the souls of mankind.  Stand with me today and choose to see with a different kind of vision, will you?

Helen Keller was once asked, “What do you believe would be worse than being born blind?”

She answered, “Having sight but not vision.”

I can “see” her point, can’t you?

Following along with our Pure Joy 2014 Summer Series?  Here’s what you can do this week:

Have a great week!  See you back here next Monday!

Peace, love, and JOY,


Up Next Monday: TREASURE!!!!


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  1. Funny thing…. Your lack of vision GAVE me vision! When you asked for a ride it allowed me to live fully as a we are called to live as disciples, loving one another. My soul sings when I can help others!
    Any time my friend, any time!!!! Even a Diet Coke run!!! 😜

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