Watch Where You’re Going!


When I was little, I had a habit of looking at the ground when I was walking. I don’t know if it was an insecurity thing or just a personal quirk, but my parents would repeatedly say things to me like, “Watch where you are going! Look up, or you’re going to run into something! You’re going to trip if you keep looking down!”

stone wall background

With those seemingly endless reminders (that I am grateful for…!), I retrained myself to look ahead when I walked. And I’ll bet I’ve avoided a lot of pain along the way because of it!

When I was meditating on our scripture passage for this week, it really made me think of those little reminders my parents would give me as a child. It reminded me of the importance of focusing our attention on a higher plane – whether physically, like lifting your eyes, or spiritually, like lifting your soul’s gaze God.

 Col 3-2 REAL

Relying just on our own perspective, it’s easy find ourselves being led by our feelings and emotions down roads we shouldn’t necessarily travel. Relying on voices and signs in the physical world, like public opinion or political rhetoric, our paths get gnarled and bumpy, and often times can trip us up and lead us down a low road of pettiness, greed, or pride.

BUT, when we “pursue the things over which Christ presides” (Col. 3:1)  and, in doing so, “see things from His perspective”, (Col. 3:2) we are literally choosing to heart His voice. We are asking Him to align our thoughts to His (not the other way around…). We strive to know His will for us, and in turn, set our hearts, minds, and spirits on a path of personal relationship with Him.

“So if you are serious about this resurrected life with Christ,” (Col. 3:1) you are no longer trying to make these things happen by your own effort alone or by willpower. Instead, it’s a transformation that begins when you fall in love with Jesus.

And when that happens, the Holy Spirit comes in and renews our mind, character, and behavior. It’s a spiritual re-wiring, or retraining, of the way our brains think. It allows us to take our thoughts captive and give them to up Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). And the road we travel becomes a lot higher as a result.

Forest road. Landscape for background

Look up. Avoid the pain of stumbling along a gnarled path by pursuing a better road. I’m not saying you won’t trip. I have my share of scars and fresh scrapes, too. But the longer I pursue Him and seek the things of heaven, the quicker I can get back up and back on track. You can, too.

Following along with us on our Pure Joy 2014 journey?! Here’s what on tap this week:

  • Find or print your scripture card for this week (Colossians 3:1-2, MSG). SAY IT and PRAY IT!
  • Keep reading Notes from a Blue Bike, by TSH Oxenreider (it’s soooo good! I love her honesty!).
  • Be on the look-out for deets for our final Pure Joy 2014 dinner of the summer on Thursday, August 14th! Evite going out this week!
  • And finally, you simply MUST watch this video of “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective Experiment! It’s my FAVE song of all the songs this summer!

(And for those of you who read last week’s post about Elle’s softball team, well, someone of you out there must have been praying for them, because I’m so excited to tell you they won THIRD in the state tournament this weekend in their division! Amazing stuff – these girls!) (link to photo)

Peace, love, and JOY!


Up Next Week: Flying FREE!


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  1. Thanks for the reminder to look up! Loved the post, and LOVED the awesome pics of Ella and her team! Thanks for sharing, and congrats to Ella and her team on all of their hard work to achieve this goal. God had it in mind for them- Amen to that! Hug, hug… Love your Sista’ Friend in Christ, Polly Ps pray for me please…I’m in MI on gathering of my side of fam…others starting to arrive tomorrow and already some tension starting over phones and text – yikes! :). I’ll try to “look up”… ;). Polly

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