Free Flight! (…And you don’t need frequent flyer miles to get it!)



I once heard on the Oprah show (so I’m sure it must be true, right?!) that an attribute of highly successful people is that they have these fabulous dreams of themselves flying, as in “flying free like a bird” in the sky. “Soaring” was the term she used, to be exact.

psalm 124-7

I, on the other hand, often have dreams of being in airplanes with issues, helicopter smash-ups, and elevator failures. Not kidding. And never once have I ever dreamed of flying under my own power.

Yeah. Talk about deflating my aspirations for a successful life. Thanks, Oprah…  😉

But here’s the thing. Never once, in any of those dreams, have I suffered a single scratch. Somehow, I walk out of every disintegrated plane, every mangled elevator, and every rudderless helicopter…unscathed.

And so I’ve moved my mind up. I’ve decided that must mean, thanks to my Savior, I’m a survivor. It must mean that I, too, have wings that protect me. Wings that haven’t been clipped, that aren’t lame, and can keep me aloft in the exact moments when I need them.

Wings that let me stare right into the face of the storm and cry out, “I MADE IT IN SPITE OF YOU!”!

Wings that, even when the crash comes, allow me to land gracefully and without catastrophe.

angel armies

Now, it would be far easier to cruise through this life soaring above every storm cloud, avoiding turbulence with grace and ease like Oprah and her highly successful dream team. And I’m not going to lie – that sounds pretty sweet.

But I think those of us whose wings have been bolstered and supernaturally fortified by our loving Father are the luckier ones. We’re graced with wings that steer us through all the up and down drafts this Earthly life has to throw at us. And so we place our hope and our trust in Him, not in ourselves or our own power, knowing He is – quite literally – the wind beneath our wings who lovingly keeps us flying free.

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we have escaped our cages, our prisons, our pasts. Our chains are no longer strong enough to pull us down.

Having said that, I know that sometimes the ties that bind seem familiar (dare I say, possibly, at times, even comfortable…) and therefore we keep them on even though the padlocks are no longer there.

But today, will you join me in being MORE than okay to ride the wind a little, knowing it can’t knock you down? Fly free and see what blessings might actually come of a little bumpy ride now and again. We are no longer in the snare of the trapper, but instead, we are in the hands of a King. Blue skies and smooth sailing ahead.

free flyers


Are you a Pure Joy 2014 Sister Friend?! If so, this next bit is for YOU!!!

  • Find or print out scripture card of the week – Psalm 124:7! Post it up somewhere you can see it and SAY IT and PRAY IT!!! You’ll be so glad you did!
  • Starting reading our August book – Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin! It’s such a fresh and fun look at applicable ways to bring happiness into YOUR house!
  • RSVP for our final Pure Joy 2014 event: our August dinner! If you are local, Evites went out at the end of last week! It’s going to be a GREAT night!  Not local?  Plan your OWN dinner!
  • Sit back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy this song from Casting Crowns called “Thrive”! Here’s the link:

Peace, love, and JOY!


Up next week: Giggling is sooooo good for you!


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