Bible Babes Backyard Bash (yeah, it’s worth every alliterate syllable)


In case you ever wonder if we, here at Stringing Pearls with Wendie, know how to have a good time, let me assure you we do.  And, as is now the “day after” tradition after our Pure Joy dinners, here are the pictures!!!


This summer has been a joy-filled 12 weeks of gathering together, both here on the blog AND in person, to celebrate our faith and the joy that comes from it.

Last night, many of us gathered in Lora’s backyard for our final Pure Joy 2014 dinner! And what a time it was!  Lora, Amy, and the team did a beautiful job of transforming Lora’s backyard into a homey, festive, warm place to celebrate our theme of “Welcome Home”!


Between downhome BBQ and lots of amazing sides, we ate and drank and giggled our way through the evening!   We talked about our August book, Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin.  We talked about the significance of our scripture of the week this week – Joshua 24:15 – and making the CHOICE to follow God!

We had a BALL! We Bible Babes love a good, God-focused bash, you know what I’m sayin’?!


While it’s always sad to “Adieu” to another season of Bible study, that simply means it’s time to say “Bonjour” to a new one. (Don’t be too sad – we still have two more weeks of Pure Joy 2014 to go!)


Join us this fall for the 2014 Stringing Pearls with Wendie Bible Study adventure through the book of Romans. We will post all the details here soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and God Bless!



Thank you to Lora, Amy, and the rest of the amazing crew who pulled off such a fabulous night out for us. Words cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, your love of this ministry, and your passion for CHRIST!!!



Have a LOVELY weekend everyone!


Peace, love, and JOY!


Up Monday: Hope IS in the House!

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  1. It was such a beautiful evening! It truly lifted my spirits after a challenging week. Thank you for filling up my JOY tank! 🙂 Looking forward to fall (did I really just say that???!)

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