And All the People Said Amen!


Someone recently called me an “exclamation point kind of girl”. I’m not so sure he meant it as a compliment… 😉

But I, of course, totally took it as a humongous compliment and still do. And today is a MASSIVELY huge exclamation point kind of day! Why?  Because this is the last of our Pure Joy 2014 blog posts (can you even believe we’ve been doing this for 13 weeks already?), and it has been a GREAT ride along with you this summer!

Today is one of those “this is the day the lord has made” kind of day smooshed up against a “celebrate God all day” sort of day! Why? Because today (everyday, actually!) is a reminder that He could show up at any moment!!!

Phil 4-4...5

I want to revel in Him every single day. (LOVE that word – revel!) I want to see the good in others, work with them and not against them. Strive alongside them, shoulder to shoulder, in joyful hope of what’s still to come. To take all our lessons of joy this summer and live them out each moment that I can for the honor and glory of God.

Maybe you’re wonder how to keep the” fruit of joy” alive and well every day, even after our series draws to an end. Life circumstances and seasons, coupled with the busyness of our daily routines can get in the way of our “mojoy”, can’t they? We need tangible reminders of all the Truth we’ve been digging up together!

This is exactly why we created the printable scripture cards this year! I hope you’ve been printing them all along this summer, but just in case you haven’t, use the links at the bottom of this page to print them up NOW! Then, display them somehow in your house as tangible reminders that GOD IS GOOD and JOY CAN BE FOUND IN HIM!

You can display them on a ribbon using clothespins…

Burlap Ribbon with Scripture Cards

Or, pop them in pictures frames, make them into magnets and throw them up on your fridge, place them on your bedside table to read when you wake up or before you go to sleep. But whatever you do with them, don’t leave them sitting under a pile somewhere collecting dust! God’s Word is alive and well and deserves a little bit of light to spread the message!

The Joy of the Lord is our strength. Flex that spiritual muscle and be amazed at how strong it becomes.

Whatever you do – make sure to print them up! Keep saying them and praying them and see what happens to your heart, your spirit, your JOY!

You know that saying, “Haters gonna hate?” Let’s give off a different sort of emotion.

joyous give off joy

I think we’re onto something there, don’t you?!

Thank you from the bottom of my joyful heart for joining us this summer on our Pure Joy 2014: THE REMIX journey! It went by fast, but not without making a huge impression on my heart and in my spirit. I pray it has done the same for you!

Here are the links for the Pure Joy 2014 Scripture Cards! USE THEM!!!

Stay tuned as we look forward to moving into our Fall Series for2014, Seeing the BIG Picture: The Book of Romans, beginning the week of September 16th! We’ll be introducing the series over the next two Mondays so get your Bibles ready and your pencils sharpened! Can’t wait to dive into another great season of Bible Study with YOU!

In closing out our series, it seems only appropriate to end with this great tune: “And All the People Said Amen” by Matt Maher! Enjoy, sweet friends!  Here’s the link:

Peace, love, and SO MUCH OF GOD’S JOY TO YOU!!!


Up Monday: Wide-Eyed and Ready to SEE!

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