Time to Get Off the Bench and Get Into the Action!


This is my amazing Elle Belle.

 Rockford Ella

As you might guess from her photo, she plays softball.

Elle spent some “time” this past year on the bench.  Now, on the surface, this can seem like a bad thing for an athlete.  Elle was not exactly pleased about it, let me assure you.  But, there are some good things about playing this game of softball that relate to living in real life (click here to see the post I wrote about that).

One of the good things about sitting on the bench is that you become a very well-educated spectator.  You watch the game while it’s played, learn a lot about the rules, the “spirit” of the sport, what NOT to do when you’re out there, and also some great tips on what you SHOULD do when you’re a real-life participant in the action.

One of the BAD things about sitting on the bench is that all your instruction is by observation, not action.  Sitting on the bench, Elle learned a lot last year.  But I don’t know how much of a better game-time player she became.  Why?  Because being part of the actual action is where the most true growth comes from.

action and growth

But this upcoming year?!  Oooooh.  THIS year, Elle is on a new team.  One on which she is a starter.  One on which she will see a lot more playing time.  And, because of it, I have no doubt she will grow into a much stronger and better player.

This season of Bible study is one I believe will be a season of major growth for each one of us because we are getting into the action!  This season, let’s commit to getting off the bench (or couch as the case may be…)!  Let’s commit to coming to study not just to be entertained or filled with information.  This season, let’s GET IN THE GAME.

We’re getting off our warmed bench and running out onto the field.  Let’s participate in the miraculous truth that God, Himself, wants to “do life” with us.

More than simply “do life” alongside us, He desires to be our Head Coach, our Head Cheerleader, our Teacher.  He wants to demonstrate how it’s done right, and then let us try our own hands at it.  He knows we’ll miss some catches and even strike out sometimes.  But He promises not to bench us, as long as we are willing to try.

Before we dive on in, let’s get geared up, shall we?  Here’s a few things you might need to know and do before we begin:

Step One:  Get a good Bible!  It is essential in getting to know God and letting Him reveal Himself to us.  Without His word, we are clueless, sweet friends, to know how this life is to be lived for His glory. Click here for my Bible Buying exercise and get yourself a good one that you can read and understand!  Even the most sophisticated French dinner cannot be truly savored unless you know what it is you are eating, right?!  I can personally attest to the same thing when it comes to Bible translation.  If I don’t “get” what I’m reading, I’m not able to understand it on that gloriously delicious soul level!

use your bible

Step Two:  Use it!  Your Bible, I mean.  I think this is self-explanatory, don’t you?  Afterall, it doesn’t matter how many paper towels you have stocked up in your pantry.  If you don’t open them and use them, that mess on the counter isn’t going anywhere!  And speaking of USING it, we’re digging deep into the book of Romans this session to encounter God in a fresh, new, life-giving way!  (We’ll talk about that a bit more next week!)  For right now, once you have a Bible you love, open it up, take a look at the Table of Contents and the extra stuff at the back (like maps, index, concordance, etc.).  Then, place two post-it notes in your Bible – one on the Table of Contents Page, and one on the first page of the book of Romans (use your Table of Contents to find it!).

I’m so excited to begin our NEW study next week!  In case you missed the “memo” (!), we’ll be studying the book of Romans for our series, Seeing the Big Picture:  The Book of Romans.  And don’t worry if you aren’t local because everything you need to participate alongside us will be posted up here each week, starting NEXT week!

Seeing the Big Picture Romans Logo

Speaking of next week, I’m switching things up with my posting schedule.  Starting next week, my weekly blog posts will be going up live on Thursdays instead of Mondays.  This just helps with the flow of our Bible study dates!

You ready to get in the game with me?  To do Bible study for more than just the sake of knowledge?  To actively dig into His Living Word with me AND with a lot of other sister friends both here and around the globe together?  I hope that answer is a resounding YES!

See you here next THURSDAY with Week One of Seeing the Big Picture:  The Book of Romans!

Peace, love, and joy!


Up Next Week:  Permission to “Do What You Can”


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  1. Yea!! So excited to be starting back up again! What an amazing journey we are headed for! Can not wait to begin this walk with Jesus and with all my sister friends. See you next week!

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