The Gospel According to Paul (…and sage words from Julia Child, too!)


One of the things that makes me the happiest about having an eternity in heaven is that I believe we will NEED IT in order to ask all the questions we have about everything of everyone! And I don’t know about you, but I think it’s going to take me about half of eternity to recover from being in the presence of Jesus!

But after THAT?  Well, let me tell you something:  Poor, ole Saint Paul is going to be hounded by me, God bless his sweet soul.  (If you see him hiding up there, it’s probably because he’s avoiding me.  I’m serious.)

I WILL find him, however.  And he’s going to have to start with explaining the book of Romans to me. And if you don’t know much about it yet, let me tell you it’s been called a lot of things, such as:

  • The Proverbs of the New Testament
  • The Gospel of God
  • The Gospel According to Paul
  • The Hope of Christ

Personally?  I call it one crazy roller coaster ride that takes us from the wrath of God, through His grace and mercy, and spits us out right into His faithfulness, majesty, and righteousness.

roller coaster romans

It is NOT a book for the faint of heart. It is NOT a book with quick fixes and easy answers.  But it IS the closest thing I’ve personally found (so far) in this amazing Word of God that speaks to my spirit on a level where there is absolutely no veil between me and the author.

Truth is truth.  Sin is sin.  Mercy is mercy.  Grace is grace.

That’s Romans.

So get excited, sweet friends, because this is where we begin!

I want us to dig deep into the Word and come back up with new life breathed into us on who God is, how He desires relationship with us, what that looks like, and how to make it happen.

It isn’t about knowledge for the “sake of knowledge”. This isn’t a classroom.  There won’t be any tests.  We are not going for a degree or certificate in theology.  We’re going for growth.  Personal growth with our Savior.

And because we all know that life places us all at different seasons and stages at any given time, we have brought back our ever-popular “Do What You Can Plan” , which you can review by clicking the “Seeing the BIG Picture” tab above, and then click the “Do What You Can Plan” tab!   OR simply click here!

This time, we are going back to the basics.  Looking at the “BIG Picture”.  Searching for the simple, uncluttered truth of who Jesus is and how He can provide intimacy with God, and honestly transform our lives and our faith.

Sounds good, right? We thought so.  (And in case you want to know who “we” are, just click here!)

So.  Let’s all get on the same page, shall we?  Some of you reading this are here in local studies with me for the next ten weeks and have already received all your materials at Study this week.


 Book and Goodie Bag blur



And, I’m SO EXCITED that many others of you are following along via the blog!  If this describes you, all you need to do each Thursday is to read the blog, then click on this link to get what you need this week! .  There, you will find .pdfs that give you our discussion questions, inductive Bible study pages, Practical Applications pages, and Weekly Devotions, and even a song for the week.

Print them up, do the work at whatever level works for you, and tune back in here the following week for the updated scoop.  Leave us comments and messages as to how things are going right here.  Ask questions and praise God alongside us.

To get you started, here is the link to this week’s “homework”!  Stick with it and give it a go for a few weeks.  It will make far more sense as we go along, I promise!

Sounds easy, right?

Here’s the thing…

Many of you know I love to cook, and that my favorite “chef girlfriend” is Julia Child.

She had some of my favorite EVER quotes:

People who love to eat are always the best people.”  (Sooooooo true.)


Fat gives flavor to everything.”  (Yep.  Everything.)

But my FAVORITE of all is her line in regards to her potato-leek soup, about which she said, “Just because something appears simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

What she meant there is that even though her recipe has very few ingredients and only 4 steps, it isn’t easy to master. We’re about to find that out first hand.

(Well, not with potato-leek soup, but gosh, I’d love that, too!  Here is a link to the recipe! )


simple doesn't mean easy


“Easy” usually doesn’t equate to LIFE CHANGING.  But “simple” can The BIG Picture clears the clutter to help us see what’s truly important and let’s us focus on growing with God.  Growing closer to Jesus. Growing more confident in our ability to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Yep.  That’s what I want, how about you?

Speaking of simple, PLEEEEEEASE spend FIVE minutes sitting back and watching/listening to the swooniest song about God you will EVER have the pleasure to hear: .

Oooooooh.  I’m super excited about all this and am praying you are too!  For now, do your homework for this week, and check back next week for Week Two of Seeing the Big Picture:  The Book of Romans!

Have an entirely wonderful week!

Peace, love, and joy,


Up Next Week:  Changing Your Wish List into Prayer

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