How To Get Revived in 24 Hours (yep – it’s possible!)


Sweet, sweet  sister friends!  Is there honestly ANYthing better than a snowy, wintertime retreat with God and your girlfriends to revive a depleted spirit?! (Well, I guess maybe a weekend away at the beach might do the trick, too, but humor me for a minute!)

Revive Matt 1128-30

In the midst of “Snowmeggedon 2015” here in Chicago (nothing like 19 inches of snow in 24 hours…), a big ole gaggle of God’s gals gathered together this past weekend to get REVIVED!

Revive 2015 Intro

Revive Day 1 Cont

Letting Jesus and his promises in Matthew 11:28-30 be our guide, we got away with him, walked with him, watched how he did it, and learned how we, too, can live in the unforced rhythms of grace!

Revive Day 1 4

Revive Day 1 Pic 3

We let God replace the worry and busyness in our spirits, found whitespace for our souls, got rid of our inner “Modern Day Martha” “Melt-Down Moses”, “Woman at the Well Wearing Label”, AND our “Scared and Scarred Selves at the Side of the Road” , and had some good, old fashioned, sister friend fun!

Revive Day 1 5

Revive Day 1 6

Revive Wendie and Girls

We let the unforced rhythms of grace re-enter our spirits, and left the retreat a little lighter and freer than when we arrived!

Revive Final Collage

Retreat CAYAB Snow

What a weekend, sweet friends!  It was my honor and privilege AND blessing from above to share in it with each and every one of you!!!  Always remember, you are NOT worn out to the epic proportions of Boo Boo Head Kitty Girl (her before picture, anyway, poor girl…)

Boo Boo Head Kitty Girl

We know we may find ourselves depleted at times, girlies!  But always remember this:  you are in the hands of the most mighty and capable Creator, through whom ANYTHING is possible!

Boo Boo Head Pretty Girl

Peace, love, and JOY!


UP Next Thursday:  Everything you need for GracePace 2015!



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  1. Sweet Wendie this is a glorious recap of an amazing journey! Wow did you title it correctly! I do feel REVIVED. I am so grateful for all the amazing women who journeyed together. Each one touched my heart. It is my great honor to call them friends and fellow prayer warriors. Love you so!

  2. Love this!! I am going to email hoard a bit and keep this one…summarizes the weekend so perfectly. What a blessed, wonderful, enlightening weekend! I am so thrilled more women were introduced to your positive, uplifitng ways of teaching. Love you, dear sister friend!! Xxoo

  3. Love ya’, Sista!!!! Thanks for the scripture, and these cuter than cute pics! It was a fabulous retreat, Lady. I really mean that. You and God “rocked it”!! Just so you know! 😉 Love, Your Sista in Christ, Polly

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  4. What a great weekend! Loved spending time with wonderful people and the applicability of the message to everyday life. Thank you so very much!!

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