How to Weave a Blanket Out of Prayers


When my daughter, Ella, was a newborn, a dear friend of mine gifted us with a beautiful blanket which she, herself, wove by hand on this massive, amazing wooden loom. It’s one of the most heartfelt gifts Ella received from anyone as a baby.

Weaving prayers with text

This precious friend of mine, Charlotte, said that with every strand of yarn she wove into that blanket, she would say a blessing for Elle over something that she prayed would come to pass in her life on earth, from her health and physical development, to her future career, marriage, and her own family.  It took Char two months to weave it, so she said a lot of blessings for my sweet girl, and I’m so honored that she took that time to do it.

Prayer has the power to prepare a way for the future, to speak life and Truth into situations that have yet to happen – even yet to be dreamed of.  It’s that amazing?  It also has the power to loosen the binds that tie us to our pasts.

This week, I’m finishing up my very first attempt at a Novena.  I’m learning so very much, experientially, about the power of layered and woven prayer.

Listen to my favorite line in the closing prayer of this novena:

“Mary, Mother to whom God entrusted the undoing of the knots in the lives of his children, I entrust into your hands the ribbon of my life.”

Whoa.  I love that.

I’m learning how, through honest dialogue with the Lord, I can begin to bend my will back to God’s and impact the future and soothe the past.

Psalm 119 36

Like my friend, Char, and her loom work, we have the ability to weave and layer prayers into the lives of others, not only for this current moment and season of someone’s life, but also over their past – asking that God would undo those knots in the ribbon of their lives and dissolve the knot the way a massage loosens a tight muscle.  And, I’m feeling, for the first time, that I can move forward in time and pray layers of hope into events and circumstances that will likely come to pass.

For instance, I can already be praying for Ella’s future husband and her children.  I can pray for our family’s generations to come to live out Micah 6:8.  To pray that they would believe Jeremiah 29:11;  that they would boldly pray as we are instructed in James 1.

I can, with confidence, pray into the very real and near future for moments of hope, healing, and relief of the grief that is sure to come for a dear friend whose husband is dying of cancer.  I can rely on the supernatural power of prayer to be waiting there for her when she needs it most.

I’m beginning to sense how I can effectively weave in and deposit moments of grace into the lives of those for whom I pray .  I’m discovering how to live confidently, knowing the precious “deposit” of my prayers has been placed there for such a time as “that“. To know that the supernatural fibers of God’s grace and mercy will be waiting there for moments of hurt, doubt, fear, and pain.  To live with confident joy that I’ve done my part in ensuring that there will be moments of great rejoicing and blessing for my beloveds, my people, both this side of heaven and beyond, even when I’m not present.  To chase down the events that are to still come, and place fingerprints of prayer into them, trusting in the supernatural power that prayer surely brings with it.

Let’s be clear.  I’m not suggesting that we are creating a “mental movie” or photo shoot of how we think things should look or be in the future, although I love the idea of positive visualization!  Instead, I’m emphatically telling you that prayer gives us the chance to honestly partner with God to literally place love and care and hope and compassion into future moments of great joy – AND in moments to come that may be filled with great sorrow or desperation.

Our prayers cover and wrap people and situations in a sort of blanket of prayer that is heartfelt and powerful.

Forward (and backward!) prayer allows us to follow our decisions through and create Best Yes choices for ourselves and support those of our loved ones. It deepens the integrity of our prayers to where we can honestly speak what we desire for ourselves and those for whom we deeply care and weave it together with God’s will for all of us.  It provides opportunities for us to exercise faith, trust, and reliance on God.

Ribbon Prayer

One of our guiding verses for this series is Matthew 9:29, “Become what you believe”.  Weave your prayers with those of Jesus and let Him open your eyes to the possibilities of that precious piece of scripture!

“Oh the wonder of God brings forth things we couldn’t think of, didn’t know to ask for, and would hardly believe could be possible.  His wonder is my assurance.”  Lysa TerKeurst, The Best Yes

Following along with our GracePace series and The Best Yes?!  Here’s your homework for the week!

  1. Click here and take a look at  video #3 in the GracePace online Bible study series!  This week, we delve into Moses-Sized Meltdowns and the power of delegating!
  2. Complete your desired level of homework in The Best Yes Study Guide for Session 2!
  3. Read chapters 7-9 in the main book, The Best Yes.
  4. Write out one of the Proverbs listed on page 71 of The Best Yes Study Guide.
  5. Check out our song of the week this week,  “Here for a Reason” by Ashes Remain!

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