Simpl.if.I (…you know you want to!)


Happy Summer 2015, Sweet Sister Friends!

Have you ever thought or said anything like this:

Life would be simple if I just:

    • would’ve said no to…
    • cleaned up “that” mess in the first place…
    • kept my mouth shut when…
    • got back to basics on…
    • focused on what really matters with…
    • stuck to my guns on…
  • knew what God wanted me to do when…


Yes?  Me, too 😉 !

That’s why I’m so excited to ask you to join us this summer as we learn to simplify life through scripture and prayer.  We’ll be breaking it down to what GOD says about what’s truly important when our souls yearn for simplicity.

Girls, we gotta simpl.if.I.

simplifi logo


Let’s invite God’s word to get inside these beautiful hearts of ours and do its work in mighty ways!  We’ll be cutting the fat (so to speak!) and learning ten, simple and important lessons:

  1. Choose God.
  2. Always Pray.
  3. Pay Attention.
  4. Believe God.
  5. Don’t Worry.
  6. Be Real.
  7. Let Go.
  8. Be Nice.
  9. Thank God.
  10. Be Happy.

These two-word, weekly mantras will be accompanied by easy-to-remember scriptures, AND fun blog posts that will tie everything together!

These mantras aren’t “recipes” for gaining God’s love – we already have that!  And they’re not “to-do list items” that make us look better in the eyes of others.  Instead, they’re simple reminders to our body, mind, and spirit to turn to God and find what’s truly important in those moments when we tend to let things get more complicated than they were ever intended to be.

We’ll also be doing some optional reading in our series!  So, for those of you craving a great book this summer, get ready to start an awesome new read a by Max Lucado called Before Amen!

AND —ooooooohhh— did we mention there’d be a dinner party?!  Like, a REALLY fun dinner party.  Because we don’t tend to do anything without a party.  😉  If you are local, mark your calendars for June 23rd and watch your email for more info on the dinner!  If you AREN’T local – we triple dog dare you to organize your OWN dinner!  Come on – you know you want to…!

Next Monday, those of you who have been in our studies before will receive your simple.if.I goodie bag on your front porch or in your mailbox!  Inside, you’ll find some super fun stuff and further explanations to get you geared up for our June 15th start date!

(If you are NOT local or haven’t been in our studies before, don’t you worry!  Everything you need will be posted right here for printing and perusing on Monday, June 8th!  Invite a friend – the more the merrier for the glory of God, girlies!)

We are so excited to simpl.if.I with you this summer, sister friends!

Peace, love, and so much joy!


Wendie Connors & the …stringing pearls ministries… Team*



*This ah-mazing team includes these BEYOND angelically cool peeps:


Carol Murray, Marcie Clark, Lyn Schmidt, Laura Ulepic, Kathy VanEk,

Lisa Mojica, Lora Bak, and Lori Gapinski


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