Life would be SIMPLE if I would just…


Life would be simple if I would just get outta of my own way, and listen to God speak.

Yep.  It’s true.  Even though I’m not consistently good at doing it, I wholeheartedly believe that.  And I am wondering if there’s anyone out there ready to believe it right alongside me (don’t leave me high and dry here, sweet friends…)!   😉

We’ve been so excited to share with you our summer Bible study series for 2015:

 simplifi logo

And we’re even more excited that we’re diving into the ten simpl.if.I lessons together beginning NEXT MONDAY!!!!  Wooohoooooo!

Many of you who are in our local area and have been in our studies before will receive a package this week (today, even!!!) that looks like this:

 Goodie bag polaroid

And contains things like THIS (yessiree, it’s another car magnet…)!!!!

 goodies and all

For those of you who aren’t local or haven’t been in our studies in the past, never fear, because today  – as in THIS VERY DAY – you can start perusing, printing, and enjoying our 10 mantras/scriptures by accessing them right here on the blog by clicking this handy dandy link (click here!).

Each week, as we introduce a new blog devotion that matches up with a mantra and scripture card, we want you to find it in your goodie package (or print it by using that lovely link above).  Then, we encourage you to read it and meditate on it each day that week to let God’s word get in and get going in your life to help you simpl.if.I  – especially in those moments when you’re tempted to let things get more complicated than they were ever meant to be (and honestly, we all do that every now and again…!)

If you need a refresher on what we’re doing and where we are headed for the next 10 weeks, click here to access our introduction letter on our “simpli.if.I central” blog spot!

If you want a little more detail on what we’re doing, keep reading!  We’re excited to have you along with us this summer because we really think this simple idea is a pretty cool way to grow closer to God and to one another!

Here’s the overall scoop in one spot for you:

  •  We’re simplifying life together this summer with 10 awesome lessons based on easy-to-remember scripture!  Each Monday, beginning 6/15, a new blog will be posted at! It will include a simple, two-word mantra along with a short scripture, AND a devotion from Wendie giving it some practical, real-life application!


  • We’ll also be including optional reading from the book, before amen, by Max Lucado – a great little book based on a prayer Max created to help make prayer a simple, yet meaningful, part of everyday life! Be sure to get your copy of the book now so you’re ready to begin on June 15th!


  • Each week, as you read the blog post, you’ll find out which mantra/scripture card we’re discussing.  We encourage you to grab the corresponding card, pop it on your fridge with a magnet or even a cute little easel, and keep referring to it throughout the week!  If you are printing them at home, try printing them on card stock to make them super sturdy!


  • We hope you can join us for our “simplicity” dinner – an easy, breezy night of fellowship, fun, friendship, and fabulous food on June 23rd!  If you are local, you should’ve already received your Evite for this fun event and we’d sure love you to RSVP by 6/17/15!  If you aren’t local – we dare you to plan your own!  😉


  • You can invite anyone you want to join us online and/or in person! Lots of the goodies in this bag are printable and available now on the blog (click here)!  So grab a friend and simpl.if.I with us this summer!


Looking forward to kicking this off together next Monday!  So…on your mark, get set,  SIMPL.IF.I !!!!!

Peace, love, and JOY!



Up next Monday:  simpl.if.I Mantra One:  “Choose God” (and learn what kind of pray-er you are!)



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  1. Fantastic! Looking so forward to kicking off Simpl.if.I! I thank God ever time I think of you and our bible study sisters!

  2. Hi Wendy.. My grandaughter Darcy Difino sent this and I love it. Hope to participate. I’m not to techy, but I think I can follow you. Blessings Arlene

    • Hello Sweet Arlene! If you want to follow the blog, click the little button on the right hand side of the page that says “Follow Blog Via Email”. It will ask you to enter your email address. Once you do that and enter your email, WordPress (that is the site that hosts the blog!) will send you an email asking you if you want to confirm following me. Follow the instructions in that email and you should be all set! Ask Darcy, Janna, or Linda to help you if something goes a little awry! SO excited to have you along for the “ride”!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love, Wendie

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