Simpl.if.I – Choose God! (Summer Series Week 1!)


There’s this amazing and crazy cool thing that happens when we free fall into God’s arms.  We actually experience the peace of Christ, which transcends all human understandingDoesn’t that sound amazing?!

But here’s the thing:  in order to experience it, we must choose to do so.

Choose God Psalm 16-5

The choice of making God “first and only” can come from two places:  a place of desperation, OR a place of gratitude and worship.

Do you find yourself in one of those places today?

Are you in a “good spot” where you can sit with God for a bit, letting go of any mundane cares of the day and allow your spirit to spend time counting your blessings and thanking God for them?!  If so, DO IT!  Because when you do, you’ll wind up worshiping the One who Blesses instead of just worshiping the blessings.

Praise brings Peace, sweet friends!  Choose God and watch your spirit soar in joy! 

On the flip side, are you swimming in a sea of anxiety or fear today unsure of which way is up, wondering how much more you can take and the thought of “counting your blessings” is so absurd that it makes your head spin? Yeah, I’ve been there, too. So today I want to especially encourage YOU and your spirit to choose God.

This past spring, my family traveled through a season of upheaval and uncertainty.  Some of you walked it right alongside me, and for that I am so humbly grateful.

But when it first hit, my first instinct was grab onto anything I could and try to right the ship on my own, in a frenzied effort to avoid the storm.  I withdrew from friends and family, worried a lot, and kept trying to grasp control of each second in a desperate attempt to manipulate the outcome.

I did everything I could think of doing, except I forgot about choosing God.  Don’t get me wrong; I prayed – sort of.  I told God what I needed Him to do and got mad when He didn’t provide the outcome I requested.  I bargained and pleaded and wrung my hands and worried some more until, finally, I felt Him telling me to let go of my own agenda and choose Him instead because His plan was the only good one.  I needed to let everything else fall away so I could fall right into Him.

So I chose Him first, and chose Him only.

There were days when it was a choice I had to make every single minute because, in being human, it’s hard to give up control.  But the more I consciously did it, the more Peace began to infuse my spirit and the easier I could breathe.  The more I chose God, the more trust I found I could place in Him. And the more I found I could trust Him, the looser that icy cold grip anxiety had on my heart became.

It’s honestly so amazing what happens when we let God get in there and take the place of worry in our hearts!

phil 4-6

We’ve all got a journey to travel here, and some parts of the road are going to be more torn up than others.  The lesson to remember is that wherever we are on it – whether it’s on miles of smooth pavement or smack dab in the middle of major (re)construction – we have a choice on how we roll.  With God, or without.

Let’s Choose God together.

Practical Application (simpl.if.I’ed steps you can take to deepen the meaning of this lesson in your life):

  1. Find and display our first mantra/scripture card for simpl.if.I: Choose God. Spend a little time each day reading over it and talking with God about what it means to you, personally, and what He wants you to know about Him through it. (If you don’t have the scripture cards already, you can print them up here!)
  2. Read Psalm 16 in its entirety in order to see our verse in context!
  3. Think about the blessings God has placed on your road at this time of your life. Write them down and take the time to thank Him for them – remember: Praise brings Peace!!!
  4. If you are in some major (re)construction right now, remember that a journey of any kind inherently means you are in motion. You are NOT stuck here – choose God and allow Him to move you through.
  5. Watch this awesome music video by Rend Collective and share it with someone you love!

If you are following along with our optional reading from before amen by Max Lucado, please read the last section of the book called “before amen Prayer Strengths”.  I know it sounds funny to begin at the end of the book!  But there is a method to my madness!  This section is designed to help you figure out what kind of “pray-er” you are and will take you to a website ( where you can take a little assessment.  Then you can go back and read about prayer strengths and learn a little more about how you can best incorporate effective prayer into your life!

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this week, knowing God is working in great ways in your life right now.  I’m so excited to be on this journey together, sweet friends!

Peace, love, and JOY!


Up Next Week:  simpl.if.I week two – Always Pray


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    • I’m so sorry you cannot get the videos, Maureen! Try right clicking on the blue font and click “open in a new window”. If that doesn’t work, you can hover over the link and at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the actual URL (web address) of the link. You can copy it down and then type it into your browser. I’ll try and see if I can make it easier for next week! I’m glad you are following along with us!!! Peace to you today!

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