“Wild nights are my glory!”


Wild Nights quote


I just LOVE that quote, don’t you?!  To me, something magical, practically sacred, happens when you get a group of women together to eat, drink, talk, trust, and share experiences – big and small.  It’s wild, really.  Not in the crazy, college all-nighter kind of way, mind you.  But rather in the unscripted, raw purity that sisterhood brings with it. Guards down, hearts lifted up, and eyes meeting kindred souls with whom you can relate, regardless of your place on life’s path.

THAT is why we gather for our summer series dinners!  And I am so excited to share a little slice of our wild night together this week!  Tuesday, we had our simpl.if.I 2015 Bible study dinner!

Over forty of us descended on Carol’s beautiful home, which had been transformed into a “Farm-To-Table” kind of paradise by our truly talented ministry team!

 dinner collage set up

Dinner Collage Signage

 Tables were set with a chic, farmhouse flair!

Dinner Collage Tables

They were BEYOND gorgeous!

Dinner Collage Tables Up Close


Food and drinks were abundant and flowing, and served by our cherished sister friends!

Dinner Collage Cooks and Bartenders

The smiles were constant (and contagious!)…

 Dinner Collage Fun 1

The conversations were light and deep and meaningful all at the same time…

Dinner Collage Fun 2

Long standing friendships were celebrated and new ones bloomed!

 Dinner Collage Fun 3


And through it all, our faith flowed freely and the joy was tangible!

 dinner Collage Fun 5

“This is the day the Lord has made.  We WILL rejoice and be glad in it!”  Psalm 118:24

Thank you, Lord, for such a gorgeous summer night, on which we could come together to celebrate YOU and one another.  We are grateful to spend time in one another’s company, for Your amazing blessings and provision in our lives, and for the precious blessing of friends.  We thank you for the opportunity to take a breath, to laugh, to listen, to love, and to comfort.  Father, help us to never take our friendships for granted, because we know they are the earthly manifestation of Your love for us!  We praise You in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Thanks for coming, everyone, and a HUGE, big sloppy smoochie of gratitude to our ministry team that managed to plan yet ANOTHER wild, Bible Babe party!  😉


Peace, love, and JOY!



Up Monday:  simpl.if.I Week #3:  Pay Attention (click here to learn more about simpl.if.I !)



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