simpl.if.I: Let Go! (Summer Series Week 7)


“Let Go.”

A simple, two word statement that isn’t always so easy to do.

The first time we encounter those words is in childhood, when we playing tug-of-war over a toy with another child, or when we’ve gotten a hold of something we shouldn’t and someone who knows better is trying to ply it out of our little hands!

As we get a little older and experience times when a friend hurts our feelings or even betrays our trust, those two, small but powerful words are doled out to us by “wise counsel” who encourages us to let go of our hurt because holding on to it just makes us feel worse.

When we have children of our own and they begin to grow up and find their footing and their own way, we’re told by those who’ve been through it before that it’s our job to let them go; that holding on for dear life (even if it’s what our heart is desperate to do) will only delay the inevitable and cause other issues in the process.

When we have painful pasts (or even rocky presents) and when we work through those experiences with people and professionals who help us come to terms with it, we’re counseled to let go of what’s behind us in order to live in here and now.

That’s all good and honest and wonderful advice! But it’s just not always easy, is it?

I think the reason it’s so hard for us to just “let go” is because we don’t know where we’re supposed to “put it”! In other words, if the experience or feeling exists, it’s got to go somewhere, right? You just can’t un-feel it, or undo something that happened. It’s like cleaning out your closet – those clothes that you no longer wear or need don’t simply vanish into thin air just because you are ready to let them go; you need to clear them out and give them to someone else in order to actually be rid of them.

That’s why this week’s mantra and scripture verse are so powerful! As Christians, when we talk about letting go, we’re really talking about the freedom that comes as a result of giving it up to God and trusting that He’s got it for us. We’re not just releasing our stuff out into thin air and hoping it doesn’t come back and settle right back on us. We’re literally giving it to the only One who can take it on without judgement and fight for us through it all.

Let Go Exodus 14-14

Freedom in letting go is possible when we trust God. It’s possible whether you need to grant forgiveness or you need to receive it. It’s possible when you need to let your child navigate the newness of middle school, high school, or even college. It’s possible when the time comes to let go of your past. It’s possible EVEN if you need to release control of a situation that you are desperate to keep your hand on/in when you know it would be better if you didn’t.

At the end of the day, that’s what our soul is desperate for – spirit-cleansing freedom.

I don’t know what you might need to let go of today, but I do know that if you trust it in the hands of Christ, He will take it from you and carry it and replace it with peace in your heart. Let’s pray for each other this week as we trust God to fight for us and let’s celebrate our victory in freedom!

Ruthie Donovan

(photo credit:  Alicia Donovan, photo of her beloved Ruthie running FREE!)

Practical Application: (simpl.if.I’ed steps you can take this week to help you LET GO!):

  1. Find/print our mantra and scripture card for this week! Display it somewhere you are sure to see it and read it each time you see it!
  2. Spend time meditating on this powerful verse and share with God the places in your heart that need His healing touch of release and freedom. Journal what you feel He might be saying back to you. Follow through with any Spirit-led actions you feel Him guiding you to.
  3. Go back through all our mantras to date and see if you can’t memorize them! Remember, we started back in the middle of June with Choose God! Click here to re-read any of the blog entries and to print up a new set of cards if you need/want to!
  4. Check out this super awesome video of Rend Collective singing “Finally Free “. I had the GREAT JOY of seeing this crazy cool band live on Friday night! They were so wonderful! If they are ever in your area, you HAVE to go see them!

If you are reading before amen with us, we are reading Chapter Six, “Forgive Me”. The chapter study guide at the back of the book is particularly powerful this week so if you have time, I encourage you to complete that, too! J

We’ll see you back here next week for Week 8 (yes, I said week EIGHT!) of simpl.if.I! As always, thank you so much for taking this journey with us! We are so grateful for you!

Peace, love and JOY!


Up Next Week: simpl.if.I Week 8: Be Nice!


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