simpl.if.I: Be Nice! (Summer Series Week #8)


I’m one of “those” moms who cannot wait for the first SECOND of summer break. The thoughts of three blissful months of no arguing over homework, no making of lunches, and POSSIBLY sleeping just a wee bit later fill me with complete glee! And the fact that we are on our very own schedule just makes it even sweeter!

BUT. (There’s always a big but, isn’t there?!)

There ALSO comes a time every summer where I begin to think, “Hmmm…maybe summer break could be a teensy bit shorter”. This thought comes to mind because, to be completely honest, I’m not feeling so “nice” anymore.

The kitchen never seems to be clean. The laundry somehow multiplies. The gas in my car is constantly on empty. Our checking account feels a bit skinny. And my patience feels even skinnier.

Anyone feelin’ me today?

And so, upon waking this morning and realizing my less than stellar attitude about summer vacation (which continues for three more weeks, mind you), I spent a little time with one of my favorite truth tellers, Paul, who reminded me of the importance of being nice to others.

Be Nice Romans 1220

For me, praying God’s word back to Him is like picking up the phone to call a friend. Then sitting quietly and meditating on it is like giving Him the time to answer back. And today, He answered – loud and clear.

In the midst of my complaining to Him about all the things that were annoying me, He gently revealed to me that He wasn’t the only one to whom I had been complaining about it. Apparently (and embarrassingly) I had somehow exchanged my Mary Poppins bag of tricks that was always at the ready for spontaneity and teenage girl FUN, for a sack full of sour puss comments.


And in that moment, I understood that complaining about what I had been looking forward to for so long wasn’t my best plan.  I needed to change my perspective because my current mindset wasn’t helping anything. God showed me a great way of getting back to summer joy mode with my girl: remember the good things.

ephesians 5 15

The thought that I kept hearing in my head was this: “Remind Elle who she really is”. And as I thought about that, I realized this: who on this Earth is closer to her and more able to see the God-given goodness and beauty He placed within her than me? Who (other than her dear daddio) spends more time with her, loves her more, appreciates her, and celebrates her more than me?

God was prompting me to BE NICE and remind her of THOSE things, not the ones that were annoying me (because I’m sure she’s got her own list of what I’m doing that annoys her…)!

So, in between drop off at one camp and pick up an hour later,  I spent a few moments jotting down a list of the amazing things that make her unique to this world and so special to me. It wasn’t a long, multi-paged novella or anything like that! It was actually just a short-but-sweet bullet-pointed list of her beauty – inside and out.

When she got home, I watched as she found the card and read it. She smiled big and gave me a huge hug. She thanked me for the surprise love note and “being so, so nice” (her words, not mine) and reminding her why I loved her so much.

I caught her several times throughout the day opening the envelope to read the card again. She smiled each time. I had indeed surprised her with goodness and it felt so good, so sweet, to be blessed by an obedience to God’s prompting.

Who can you surprise with goodness today? Where can you add a little helping of “nice” to this world? It surely doesn’t need to be big or monumental or even cost a single penny. It simply needs to be authentic and from your heart right to someone else’s. It’ll change someone’s day  (and improve your attitude) I promise!

Practical Application: (simpl.if.I’ed steps you can take to improve your “niceness quotient” today!)

  1. Print/find this week’s mantra and scripture card. Display it somewhere prominent to remind yourself of the JOY in surprising someone with your goodness every day!
  2. Think of ONE person who could use a little nice in her/his world this week and make it a point to find something special (big or small) to do. The blessing you receive in return will exceed what you can imagine, sweet friends.
  3. Read all of Romans Chapter 12 in the Message Version! It’s honestly one of my favorite chapters of any book in the Bible!
  4. Watch this video from Needtobreathe called “Brother”. You’ll LOVE it!

If you are reading before amen by Max Lucado alongside us, this week we are reading Chapter Seven, “They Need Help” that beautifully talks about the power of intercessory prayer (praying for the needs of others). The study guide at the back of the book is great, too, should you have time to sit down to complete it!

Well, my dears, just two little weeks left of our summer series! I can’t believe it is flying by so quickly. But never fear – the ministry team is busily planning our fall 2015 series RIGHT NOW and we will announce it at the close of the summer session! So be sure to stay tuned!

Peace, love, and JOY!


Up Next Week: simpli.if.I week 9: Thank God!


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