simpl.if.I: Thank GOD! (Summer Series Week #9)



There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as if nothing is a miracle, and the other is to live as if everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

OOOOOooooo! I LOVE that! Two different perspectives; and you get to choose which one you will use as the lens with which you live out your life here on Earth.

As for me? I’m choosing the “everything is a miracle” plan. It’s the one that leads us down the gratitude path, and in turn grants us the great gift of grace – day in and day out.

Did you know that before every miracle Jesus ever performed, he stopped and gave thanks to our Father in heaven?  Gratitude.

Here’s the thing, sweet friends. Gratitude works miracles when we actually take the time to notice gifts and blessings from God. In other words, the second we can see something meaningful – even the tiniest of tiny things, like a smile from a stranger – as a little taste of God’s goodness, it activates something in our spirit to experience gratitude. And in that split second when we begin to feel that gorgeous feeling of gratefulness, we feel compelled to pass it along to someone else. And when we pass it along to someone else, we begin this incredible cycle of grace that cannot be stopped or contained.

It pattern that sort of looks like this:

See/experience blessings –> Experience gratitude –>

Express Gratitude –> Experience Grace –>

Pass It On –> See/experience MORE blessings…

and so it continues!

I’m loving that!

Thank God Romans 11-33

Gratitude precedes miracles and deserves our thanks in return. Always. And gratitude deposits gobs and gobs of grace. Always.

Gratitude is the state of being in which we get to take a deep breath and see things through peace-filled eyes. It’s when we see something as big as sunset and sense how blessed we are to be so small in its presence. It’s when we feel something as simple as hug and realize the hugeness of love. It’s the privilege of praying for someone in need and knowing a God as big as ours already has it covered. And it’s being in awe of the fullness of eternal life through Christ, yet confidently knowing the reality of it is ours.

Gratitude begins with “thank you” and expands into “let me bless you, too”. It’s the experience of “pay it forward” boosted by the goodness of God, which creates miracles we could never imagine, let alone create by ourselves.

You and I are never at a loss for something to be grateful for – big or small. Remember what Albert Eisenstein said – it’s all in your perspective. So this week, let’s choose the lens that helps us to see that ALL things are miraculous and trust that God prepared them with goodness and blessing in mind, regardless of how it looks in the moment.

Let’s spend our week focusing on blessings and giving thanks to God for all He provides. And when you really notice the miracles in your midst, you might find yourself surprised in how you, in turn, begin blessing others!

Practical Application: (simpl.if.I’ed steps you can take today to amplify your attitude of gratitude):

  1. Find/print today’s mantra-scripture card for this week! Focus on the words and remind yourself that you have a choice on how you see life – miraculous or not!
  2. Here’s a fun exercise from our book for the summer by Max Lucado, before amen: take a sheet of paper and make a list from A to Z of things you are grateful for! Get your friends and family involved in the process and don’t stop until you have a list of blessings that make you smile at God’s faithfulness and goodness in your life!
  3. Go back through all our mantra/scripture cards from our series so far. Which ones still resonate with you? What moved you the most throughout our series?
  4. Check out this very cool song from Dara McLean “Nobody Like You”!

Following along with before amen? If so, it’s time to read Chapter 8 and complete the study guide at the back of the book!

Beautiful friends, next week we bring our summer series to a close. We cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement this year with our simpl.if.I series. It’s been life changing for our team and hope it has been for you, too!

Peace, love, and JOY!

Wendie and the Stringing Pearls Ministry Team

Up Next Week: simpl.if.I week 10: Be Happy!

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