Keeping It Clean (why a nice detox is a good idea…)


Feeling sluggish?  A little foggy headed?  Need a little help getting rid of things that slow you down?

I was, too.

So I’m in the middle of what’s called “three-week nutritional cleanse”. First, let me tell you that from my perspective it isn’t a lot of fun. No wine, no grain, no dairy (heavens me, this one is the worst – cheese is truly given to us as a gift from God!), very little animal protein…you get the gist. But I can ALSO tell you, my body is happy with me for doing it. My tummy feels better, my skin looks better, I’m sleeping better, and my brain is functioning at a little bit faster speed than it has in a while. All good stuff and, honestly, those benefits are all the main reasons I’m doing it.

This morning, though, I woke up feeling very discombobulated and uncertain in my soul. A friend of mine who is knowledgeable on these things told me to expect this to happen about ½ way through the 21-day detox because, according to her, once your body starts to clean up all the junk physically, the spirit isn’t too far behind it. In other words, my heart needs to dump what’s clogging my spiritual arteries, as well.

clean heart

My body is busy getting rid of things it doesn’t need anymore (and even things it never needed in the first place) because I’m feeding it correctly and letting it heal, and I’m realizing I need to do the same thing with my soul.

So, starting today, I’m adding a little spiritual cleanse to my nutritional one.  And so for me, I’m matching the two goals up and creating one: get rid of what I no longer need and fill up on what makes me healthy.

For the next few weeks, I’m cutting out mindless television. I’m adding some more quiet time with my Bible and conversation with God.

I’m turning off talk radio and tuning into what feeds my soul – K-Love.

I’m trading afterdinner social media checks for some quality check-in time with my high schooler and my husband.

I’m telling the voice of fear and shame to take a hike and listening instead to the steady voice of Truth.

Yeah. I know. Just like cutting out wine, bread, and cheese – this is going to take commitment and I may falter a time or two. But restoring my spirit is essential to keeping me in tune with God’s voice and His will for me and the life He placed me here to live.

You know what I think is so cool? God is constantly providing us with opportunities to rebuild and reshape our hearts. He grants countless options for spiritual detox! And one of the most amazing places we can see this for ourselves is in the very familiar, but often misunderstood section of Matthew 5: The Beatitudes! For all the things our precious spirits experience, feel, and grovel through, we get a promise of blessing as a sacred reward for each one as we empty ourselves of – well, ourselves, and fill up on Him.

I hope you will join me this fall as we dive into The Beatitudes together with our Fall 2015 Bible study series, be blessed. We start up our local studies the week of September 14th and will spend 10 weeks uncovering all the beautiful blessings wrapped up in just ten verses.

be blessed logo rustic

Next week, I’ll be back to tell you more about the series in general and how you can follow along here on the blog. In the meantime, would you consider one way in which you might be able to give yourself a little spiritual detox for the next week? If so, leave a comment; I’d love to hear your ideas and encourage you along the way!

Enjoy your week, sweet friends!

Peace, love, and JOY!


PS – simpl.if.I central will be taken off the blog week so be sure to print up anything you need/want this week! 😉


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