Wanna know a secret?


Pssst. Hey, you.  Yes, YOU.

Can I let you in on a little something important you need to know?

You are not here by chance.

You were placed here by a loving, relational, all-knowing, and purposeful God – for such a time and place as this.

In other words…

You are here on purpose.

Isn’t it time you started living that way?

on purpose logo 2 lighter pink

Join us this spring as we dive deep into scripture, lessons, and discussions to get better acquainted to our reason for being here! We’ll be reading Rick Warren’s A Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For, and then talk about finding meaning in our lives, regardless of our situations and circumstances.  We’ll explore what the Bible has to say about our worth, our gifts, and how we can most effectively use them to really live the life God intended for us on Earth.  We’ll get inspired from motivational quotes from famous (and maybe even not-so-famous 😉 ) people.  We’ll hear real-life stories on how to apply what we are learning to our daily lives.  AND, of course, we’ll worship together using an all-new CCM soundtrack inspired by our series!

Wanna join us? Thought so!

Our Winter/Spring Bible study series starts RIGHT HERE the week of February 15th!  All new blogs will post every Thursday that will correspond with our readings from the book, questions from the study guide, scriptures we’ll be learning, AND the quotes we will surely be repeating to ourselves for years to come!

Next Thursday, we will post up pictures of all the goodies the ladies in our physical Bible studies will be receiving, along with instructions on how to create/find them for yourself (don’t you just LOVE  Bible study goodie bags?!). In the meantime, get a copy of the newly updated book (either from your local library, favorite bookstore, or online source like amazon.com), a copy of the study guide, and dust off your Bible!  (Click here for Bible buying info!)  We’ll be waiting here for you!  We are THRILLED to have you with us!

Jer 29 11

Yes, indeed. You are here on purpose, sweet friends.  Don’t ever doubt that for a second.

I CANNOT WAIT…! “See” you next Thursday for the kick off!

Peace, love, and JOY!



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  1. Hi Wendie, Just ordered the materials😀 Hope to make it if not I will be following from home🙏🐾 Thank you for your inspiration and your friendship, Mary

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