I’m doing it on purpose (and I’m not sorry)


I’m spilling it all here today, right here.  The secrets are coming out and I’m tell it all to you on purpose.  And I am not even remotely sorry about it.

So, what’s the big deal?

BIBLE STUDY – that’s what!!!!

on purpose logo 2 lighter pink

Did I get you?! I hope so!  I love a good hook…

Is there anything more FUN than the beginning of a Bible study series?! Well, you might be able to name a thing or two… 😉

But around here, there is a certain giddiness and awesomeness surrounding the start to a new study season. First, I think it’s because we are finally back together again after a month or more apart!  The joy of seeing one another again and knowing it will be on a regular basis for a bit fills us with joy and giggles!

Add to that an inner anticipation of all the Godly wisdom and knowledge we always seem to glean every time we study God’s Living Word together, and you have the perfect recipe for greatness!

Oh, and lest we forget to mention – THE GOODIES! Yeah.  We’re kind of gaga for goodies.  And who WOULDN’T be when you get study supports like THESE:

Whole package of goodies

You’re all excited just lookin’ at it, aren’t you?! A super cool package all wrapped up in pretty orange ribbon, AND a reusable Starbucks cup!!!  WAHOOOOO!

“So”, you ask, “what’s inside?”

I’m so glad you asked…

The rest of the goodies

So then, you’ve got yourself some prayer cards for sharing prayer requests and praises with your sister friends! All you need for this is a simple o-ring and some tags with a hole punched on them, tied up with a cute ribbon!

You also have some kleenex (we cry a lot…), mints (because “..fresh breath is a priority in my life” – Sixteen Candles quote, thank you very much!), a pen, and a couple mandarin oranges to keep up your strength while you study!

You also have your series CD chocked full of some of our favorite current Christian tunes! You can click here to see the song list for yourself!  You can find the songs on iTunes and other downloadable music stores, OR you can even search the web for free videos of the songs!

And finally, you have your “on purpose” Book of Inspiration!  It’s 20-pages of scripture and inspirational quotes that correspond to our weekly lessons, designed to get you thinking and connecting the dots between what we are learning in study and how to apply it to everyday life!  (It you want to create your own booklet, you can click here for instructions and the link to the cards themselves.)

So. You ready to begin?  We are!  Our studies begin here in our local area next week.  If you aren’t in one of our studies, we encourage you to start one of your own and use this blog as your reference for teaching notes and schedule!  We also invite you to simply follow along individually with us here if you prefer!  Whatever floats your boat gives us a boost of encouragement to keep doing what we are doing, so thank YOU for coming along with us on the journey.  A new blog will post each Thursday through April 28th, when we wind down for a bit to get geared up for our summer series…but that’s another story…

Okay, girlies. It’s time.  Get your books, get excited and GET READY TO STUDY next week.  We’ll be waiting for you – we’re chomping at the bit to get going TOGETHER!

Purpose definition

Let’s get to living this one wild and precious life on purpose, shall we?

Peace, love, and JOY!


Up Next Week: The Heart of the Matter

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  1. Wendie,
    How do we get involved in the bible study? I was just at your last retreat and would love to get involved if possible.

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