Share Your Stuff (it’s easy)!


Welcome to Week 1 of easy 2016, our Summer 2016 Spirituality Series!  You can click here to find out about everything we’re doing and how to follow along with us for the next eight weeks.  This week, we’re tackling the issue of hospitality and learning to make it just a little easier to share… 😉

It’s probably the first “life skill” lesson we are taught as children: “Share your stuff.”   Learning how to share is hard work for our littles, tho!  All those bright and fabulously textured toys that fit perfectly into chubby little fists are almost impossible to give up, even if just for a few minutes!  However, with repeated reminders and opportunities to try the skill, the reward of seeing someone else happy because of a little generosity in sharing wins out over stubborn attempts to control possessions.

As we get older, sharing becomes a bit more intangible and extends beyond simple possessions. We start to learn how to graciously share space, experiences, emotions, time, and people with others.  As adults, we commonly refer to this kind of sharing as hospitality.  And to get good at it, we need to practice it, too!

NTW Week 1

Isn’t that the BEST advice: “Stay on good terms with one another, HELD TOGETHER BY LOVE”?!

How do we do that?  Hospitality.  In other words, be at the ready to extend a hand, a meal, a bed, a seat, a hug, a moment, an encouraging word…an ear. Scooch over just a smidge a make room for someone who could use a little less hard and a little more easyShare what you’ve got in the moment.

Hospitality isn’t about hosting a great party (although that IS a fabulous gift if you happen to have it!). It’s about embodying the welcoming and healing attitude of Christ when we sense the need. It isn’t about consulting Pinterest for recipes and décor ideas, making sure the house is clean, and preparing for days ahead of time before extending an invitation (even though these are good things!!!). It’s about being present and mindful in everyday moments in order to easily meet the need of another when it presents itself.

If we spend too much time preparing and waiting around for the big moments in life that we think will make the “difference”, we miss the countless opportunities God places in our everyday world to simply just get at it.  There are a million different ways to use love and kindness to change the trajectory of someone’s day and, in turn, bless your own.

Today, try living with the mindset of true, easy hospitality.  Make room on your bench for someone to sit a spell with you.  Lend a book.  Pour a drink.  Share a toy.  Hold a hand.  Whatever feels right in the moment is what you should do.  And, on those days when it’s YOU who needs a seat on the bench, trust that the angels you have helped along the way will, in turn, love on you.  That, sweet friends, is hospitality…Jesus style.

little more easy.jpg

For more on true hospitality, read Simply Tuesday, by Emily Freeman! Looking for an easy meal for tonight?!  Click here for this week’s recipe (front of recipe, back of recipe)!  Want a fun tune to get your day going?  Click here for one of our faves, “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace; you’ll be tappin’ your toes in no time!

See you right back here next week for some thoughts on using our words… for good!

Peace, love, and JOY!



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