We’re back! We’re BACK!! WE ARE BACK!!!


Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret:  you are not reading this blog by accident or coincidence.

Please believe me when I say this arrived in your inbox or on your screen today ON PURPOSE.  You NEED to know that God has delivered it RIGHT HERE for a very precise reason:  to draw you CLOSER to Him!

I am so excited to get this message in front of your gorgeous eyes! And whether you’ve been in one of our studies before or not, our ministry team is bursting at the seams to share this bit of awesomeness with YOU: WE ARE BACK!!!

Our …stringing pearls ministries… team has revamped and regrouped and we are ready to get this new thing GOING ON!!

Several years ago, I prayed that God would use our ministry to help ignite the pilot light in the hearts of women in our community for Jesus. Boy, oh boy – did He answer that prayer!  YAY, God!!!

We believe God is now calling us to go deeper.  To come closer, if you will.  To scooch our chairs right next to Jesus because, if God really is who He says He is, why in the world wouldn’t we?!

Sister friends, it’s time to take our flame up a notch.

Wanna take a “closer” look?!

Come Closer Logo with Fall 2017

Isn’t that just the prettiest thing ever?

Come Closer.

Um.  Yes, please.

So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding.

Hebrews 6:1, NLT

Honestly, I need this.  And I think you night need it, too.

Our overall vision is to GO DEEPER and GET CLOSER to Jesus and one another. In order to meet this mission, we are:

  • Moving from lighting pilot lights to igniting mighty torches! FLAME ON, SISTERS!
  • Getting intentional on studying WHO and WHAT Jesus is all about by scooching our chairs next to Him and studying scripture and other resources to deepen our understanding of Him.
  • Encouraging each sister friend to show up (in our weekly local meetings OR here on the blog), follow along at home, support one other in prayer and in person, AND spend an hour a week applying the principles of the study (we’re calling this our “happy hour”!).
  • Furthering our mission of women’s fellowship through the pursuit of intentional discipleship (doing life eye-to-eye, side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder).
  • Providing high quality teaching that supports the study through large group teaching, small group attention, the blog, and other forms of technology.
  • Providing high quality, tangible tools that support the weekly study concepts! These tools will be provided to women attending local meetings in the form of a SUPER COOL “Breathe Box” filled with all study related items, including the actual study book and ALL materials and goodies needed (think “BS Swag Bag on Steroids”)! Here’s a sneak peek at the beautiful box.

BB Up Close

BB Open Box with Goodies Showing


Gorgeous, right?! The list of items in the box can be found here!  (And YES – we have a new play list with the latest, greatest CCM tunes!)

Our mission is ALL ABOUT getting closer to Jesus. Why?  Well, because that’s where He’s calling us to be – closer.   And that makes everything we do, and all we are, different – in really good ways (More on this in the weeks to come!)

Our actual study book is entitled Enjoying Jesus and has been beautifully created by the amazing folks at IF:Equip out of Austin, Texas.  We’ll be studying 12 different spiritual disciplines (ways of communicating with God) that are ancient traditions designed to draw us closer to Jesus.  We’ll talk about (and TRY!!) everything from Prayer to Meditation, and a bunch of other cool stuff in between!

I’m ramping up the weekly teaching by using a variety of other materials ranging from classic to modern authors whose books and works relate to the various disciplines we will explore. We will post here  weekly for 13 weeks, beginning the week of September 4th and ending the week of December 4th (with 1 week off for Thanksgiving!).

So you’re in, right?   It’s all about good friends, great teaching, incredible discussions, meaningful mentorship,  and  – MOST IMPORTANTLY – an incredibly GRAND God.

Here’s a glimpse at our team assembling all the boxes! It felt like Christmas on a hot August day!

Assembly Day

Seriously. I mean c’mon, sister.  It just won’t be the same without you.

Looking forward to joining us? Then here’s what you need to do:

  • If you are signed up to be part of the local meetings, please be sure to collect your box BEFORE next week! READ CHAPTER 1 (Introduction) before coming to study (you’ll get an email with all the scoop if you are in a local group)!
  • If you are following along online, get yourself a copy of Enjoying Jesus by clicking here. Read Chapter 1 (Introduction) before next Thursday (9/7).  Make sure you are all set to follow this blog (hit the “follow via email” button right up there on the right!).  And check back here next Thursday when our first blog of the study will post.  We’ll take it from there!!

I’m looking forward to diving deep into scripture and fellowship with you this fall. Questions?  Let me know by commenting below!

Peace, love, and SO MUCH JOY!!!!!




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    • Thank you so much, Amy! You are my role model when it comes to having a heart for others! How was the yoga retreat?! Unfortunately, we are all sold out of boxes! We had no idea what to expect since this was our first time doing this and I guess we just underestimated the interest! I will FOR SURE pop you on the info list for the next session and breathe box! See you soon, I HOPE!!! xoxox

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