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To be persistent means to pursue with zeal. I love that word, zeal.  It’s strong.  It’s purposeful and full of intent.  It’s sort of intimidating – in a good way – because it gets your attention and makes you perk up a little at what’s coming next.  So what are we looking to persistently pursue here this session?  Grace.  God’s grace.  And living in that grace regardless of our season or circumstance.

Each week from February until May, we will be actively studying and practicing ways in which we can learn and weave Christ-like characteristics into our daily lives. How?  Well, we will be:

  • Reading and memorizing scripture every week;
  • Journaling responses to prompts and readings every week;
  • Learning the importance of gratitude, rest, religion, and relationships on our bodies, minds, and spirits;
  • Delving into mindfulness activities that ground us in the present;
  • Kicking the worry bully to the curb;
  • Cutting out clutter figuratively and literally to make more space for grace in our world;
  • Discovering more about the unique person God created each us to be and how to own and stand strong in that calling;
  • Strengthening our relationships with each other through prayer time AND outings outside of Bible study;
  • And much, much more!

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And here is a little fun for your EARS!!!  Our She Persisted Songlist!!!

She Persisted Song List

We are so glad you are PERSISTING with us!


Wendie and the entire …spm… team