You have found us!  GOOD FOR YOU!!  This is the WordPress blog site for me, Wendie Connors! I am the founder of …spm… ministries.  The S stands for Spiritual Teaching (through this blog and other writings, local Bible studies, and speaking events and retreats).  The P stands for Products that Inspire (more on that to come soon!).  And the M stands for Meaningful Giveback (through investment in agencies and organizations that serve women and children in crisis).

Our mission and passion is to ignite a fire in the hearts of women everywhere for Jesus!  We do that by helping women cultivate and grow in their spiritual wellness journeys in engaging and very cool ways!  We like to say that …spm… is a ministry with a side of MOXIE!  😉

I lead and teach womens’ Bible studies throughout the suburbs of Chicago and also speak at womens’ retreats, church-affiliated events, and secular events as well. I have written two books: The K.I.S.S (Keepin’ It Simple Sisters): Jumping into the Bible with Both Feet; and Daily Smooches: Devotions from The K.I.S.S. The first book is a fun, fresh, girlfriend’s guide to the Bible! The second is a stand-alone devotional that can be read by itself for a daily dose of encouragement, OR as a supplement to anyone reading The K.I.S.S.!  Both books can be found on or can be ordered directly through me!

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my wonderful husband, Tim, my amazing daughter, Elle, and two beloved doggies! I hope you will check in often and let me know how I can pray for you!

Peace, love, and JOY to you!

Wendie with Stache at Fiesta


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  1. Wendie, I am so looking forward to reading and growing through your insights no matter how many times a week they come. I have loved to get to witness how God is using you in the areas he gifted you and your obedience to jump in! Mostly I see a post from you because it brings me JOY, your high energy contagious fun spirit even comes through in your writing 🙂 Love you, you are going to rock at this!

    • Hi Katherine! Just so you are aware, I did respond to your question back on 1/31/13! This blogging thing can get confusing! You posted your comment under the Good Bible Study Girl Relapse Syndrom post and that I where I responded. Here is what I wrote:

      “Hi Katherine! We are just starting a Bible study called Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst! It is AWESOME! It has both a book and a participant guide. Both are available on and at most Christian book stores! I know one woman doing the study was able to get used copies off amazon for almost nothing! Let me know if you need help locating copies!”

      I am also going to send this information your email address! Hope that answers your questions!! Peace, Wendie

  2. So excited to learn more about your ministry! Saw the new video on you tube – my dear friend was your videographer, and I am so excited for what you have going on. Very interested to learn more! It was tough to “google” you though, I tried all variations of SPM Ministry and your site doesn’t come up – maybe check with your “internet guy” / ISP to see if they can help get you to pull up on Google with that search.

    • Hi Juliet! And frieny of Shelly’s is a friend of ours! We LOVE that girl! Awesome suggestion on upping the SEO for the ministry name! We are working behind the scenes to build a bigger, better, bolder (!) website that can help us do lots of new things! THANK you for that suggestion. In the meantime, we will be updating the blog to go with our new study this week! The post will go live tomorrow. Thanks for your interest! Hope to “see you” back here again! Have a great week.

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